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Welcome to the Boomerang Blog!

Welcome to our new blog!

To kick things off we wanted you to get familiar with the amazing artists in our repertory season. Up first is the lovely Synge Maher, star of the new play Endless Summer Nights by our Artistic Director Tim Errickson (which is running until October 9th!) Read a little about Synge and then follow the link below to get more information on the show and how to purchase tickets!

Synge Maher

Full given Name: Synge Hamilton Maher

Hometown: Denver, Colorado (go Broncos)

First show you ever saw: I was taken to the theatre fairly often by my mom, both of my parents have performing backgrounds. I am not sure of the first show I saw, but I do remember at a very young age being at once really excited and completely terrified of the grown people in CATS costumes crawling over me to get onstage.

Last book you read: I am in the process of finishing Jared Diamond’s Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed. When I am working on a play, I can’t lose myself in another narrative so I go for non-fiction

What music are you listening to lately: I have a really tremendous playlist inspired by Tracy’s journey in the play as well as songs that are providing the soundtrack to this really interesting time in my own life. It includes but is not limited to: Ra Ra Riot, Weezer, Hurts to Purr, Elbow, Stevie Wonder, Cold War Kids, etc.

Must see TV show: I rarely get to watch tv, but have Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations DVR’d. I love travel and eating, and my couch, whom I miss very, very much.

Who would play you in the movie of your life: Um… If it is a comedy and I am wearing my glasses then Tina Fey. If not then maybe… Anne Hathaway or Mary Louise Parker?

Describe Tracy in 5 words or less: Beautiful disaster.

Besides the show, when you think of Endless Summer Nights you think of…?: I can’t help but think of Grease.

Click here to learn more about Endless Summer Nights and how to purchase tickets!

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