2011-2012 Season, Boom Artists, Shakespeare

Flowers Flowers Flowers!

Hey guys…Wednesday was the night the visuals for the show began to come together. Daniel has a very clear picture in his mind of what he’s looking for, and we’re all working with him to achieve this unique, beautiful vision for the play.

Usually, we don’t bring in set pieces to the park, as Vaux and Olmstead (designers of CP) have done most of the work for us. But recently, that has begun to change. In COMEDY OF ERRORS in 2009, we built a miniature door and peep-hole that could be carried on the subway, which was used when Antipholus is locked out of his own house by his twin brother. Last year, we devised a way to make a sail out of muslin and dowels used during the opening shipwreck of THE TEMPEST. But both of those might pale in comparison to this season’s spectacle.

We are purchasing hundreds of artificial flowers and “planting” them in the ground to give the area a much-needed dose of floral passion. Daniel is also using them to connect the audience area to the playing space, keeping the spectators a part of the world of the play. It’s going to be  great visual treat, and I can’t wait for you to see it. Such a simple idea on Daniel’s part, and it does wonders.

One of the things I marvel at is the way each season outdoors still adds another piece to up the ante. Sails, flowers, little doors, but also the way music and underscoring were used in THE TEMPEST last year has forever expanded the way we’ll work outside. Little things that add so much, and that can be so extraordinary when you can see the possibilities with fresh eyes. Thankfully, we hire outstanding directors who have those fresh eyes. (Although the guy directing next summer I hear is a nightmare to work with lol)

More to come as we get closer to open, including those long promised pictures. Come see the show this weekend!

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