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Great first weekend for MUCH ADO

The weather worked out great, the crowds were appreciative, and our first two performances of MUCH ADO went off without too many hitches. After raining out of our final dress rehearsal in the park on Friday night, no one really knew what to expect come Saturday afternoon. But having an excellent cast and crew helps tremendously, and they all rallied together and opened the show in style. Thanks to everybody who came out this weekend to support the show. Here are a few pics!

“This looks not like a nuptual”
"Hey, I think the guys who just left are up to no good!"
More great pics to follow, on our website, Facebook page, and this blog. But to see the action in 3D, come check us out in the park during our 6 remaining performances July 25th and 26th, July 9th and 10th, and July 16th and 17th.

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