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The Week Between…

Week 2 of Much Ado went very well, better in some aspects than Week 1. Due to weather, we did not fully tech in the space prior to opening, so calling of cues and the amount of time entrances take (some covering healthy distances) were still being set when we had our first audiences. With those transitions moving much smoother, the show actually trimmed a few minutes, and kept the actions flowing.

Our constant nemesis the weather threatened all weekend, but proved more bark than bite. When this happens, audiences become a little wary of coming to the park for fear they will get showered on with very little surrounding cover. But our loyal audience came out for both shows, and what they missed in sunshine, they were rewarded in energy and intimacy of performance. Thanks to all who made it out.

So what happens now? Well, this is the week in between — the week during each outdoor run in which the July 4th holiday weekend falls. The NYC Parks Department does not grant special event permits for the holiday weekend, so we skip a weekend and add an extra rehearsal or two the following week before the next performance.

It often serves as a good mental break as well. The cast and crew of Much Ado have essentially given up the first two months of the summer for the show (May 22-July 17th, with rehearsal considered), so having a weekend where they can sleep in, or go out-of-town, or go to Coney Island and ride the Cyclone is great for morale.

We’ll be doing a few extra things this week to prep for the upcoming final weekends of the run, including a bar fundraiser on July 10th (more details to follow), a fun “Life Offstage”  podcast with Nate Miller who is playing Benedick, and more pics and info. I’m also working on two special projects, detailing the backstage workings of our Shakespeare productions. Should be fun times.

Thanks again for supporting the show.

PS: In the meantime, since you aren’t seeing a Boomerang show this weekend…

1)  Check out our friends in the Comic Book Festival at The Brick, especially upcoming performances of Action Philosophers, Mrs. Perfect!   and GALACTIC GIRL! (Hell, check out anything you can, it’s bound to be good).

2) ENDLESS SUMMER NIGHTS (by yours truly, directed by Christopher Thomasson) premiered with Boomerang in Fall 2010, and has now been published by New York Theatre Experience. The release party is tomorrow night (June 29th) at Judson Memorial Church beginning at 7pm. It’s a free event, please join us! The original cast will be performing a selection from the show.

3) And finally, the team at Horse Trade Theatre Group needs your help to keep from losing one of their theater spaces. Check out the info here.

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