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Much Ado About Nothing final performance

With heavy hearts, we closed our production of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHINGon Sunday July 17th. It was a pleasure to work on this play again, and the cast and crew brought everything they had to the play each and every performance. We received many positive comments about the show on our Facebook page, in email, and from audience members who came up to me and to the cast after the show. But two really stick out.

A good friend who will remain nameless said it was the best production of MUCH ADO he had ever seen. I really love this comment, partly because he and his wife had just seen another production of MUCH ADO the previous week, and because they are theatre people who see a lot of shows. When you can win over jaded theatre folks, you’ve done something.

The other was from an actress friend who has both seen a lot of our shows, and been in some other of ours. She thought that this production was the best Shakespeare production we had ever done, and possibly the best SHOW we had ever done. While it’s extremely hard for us to compare our shows against each other (except for the two real stinkers in our 13 year history–ain’t no hiding those), I believe this production of MUCH ADO ranks right up there with the best shows we’ve done, and is on a par with the excellent MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM that Philip Emeott directed for us in 2004.

While we are sorry to see it go, we are hoping there may be another incarnation of the show in the future. More on that if/when details become available. As always, thanks to all who supported MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, and thanks to the amazing cast and crew of the show, led by Captain Sexy Daniel Talbott, and the terrific Sara Thigpen and Nate Miller.

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