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Life Offstage questions

Folks…tonight we record our first ever Skype podcast with Christopher in Wisconsin. While he’s on one end, I and our special guest Carrie Brewer will be battling the heat in the Big Apple, and we’ll all connect via internet magic. Carrie is leaving us for the great state of California at the end of the month, so we wanted to make sure we got to chat with her about her life, loves, shows, and why she has never had a torrid affair with either myself or Christopher (I’m imagining common sense is the answer there).

We’re also looking for audience questions and feedback. Anything you want to know from the Life Offstage team of Big Sexy and Lil Texy? Questions about Boomerang, Much Ado, or upcoming projects? Or perhaps burning question for Carrie Brewer? (Carrie often recommends to us that if it’s burning, see a doctor right away).

Shoot us your questions/comments/solicitations for advice/indecent proposals at

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