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Indie Theatre Week–Rising Sun Performance Company’s CRAVINGS closing

In honor of INDIE THEATRE WEEK, I wanted to include all of the different facets that make up the Indie community and the process of putting on a show. We tend to always talk about opening nights, great reviews, and “show-mances”, but we rarely talk about closing nights and striking a show. Maybe it makes sense; these things are inherently sad events, as a project built on passion comes to an abrupt end, often too soon. But these are part of our world nonetheless, and they should be recognized for the celebrations and rituals they are.

Recently, I had the privilege to direct a one-act play as part of Rising Sun Performance Company‘s 5th Annual One Act festival. The entire evening was entitled CRAVINGS, and the plays (both comic and dramatic) explored the dark desires within the human heart. CRAVINGS closed on Saturday night, and celebrated with drinks, food and of course, striking the set and costumes 🙂

Here are some pics of the talented Rising Sun crew both at the closing night party, and the next morning during a very sweaty strike and load out.

Because you are a generous and thoughtful individual, full of sex appeal and good sense, you’ll want to make a donation to Rising Sun here.

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