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Indie Theatre Week–Melissa Gawlowski

I’ve asked people in the extended Boomerang family to write their thoughts about Indie Theatre and why they do what they do. Following up on Marielle’s eloquent post from yesterday, here’s playwright Melissa Gawlowski. Melissa’s new play SPRING TIDES was just workshopped at the Last Frontier Conference in Alaska this summer, and will be produced by Boomerang in February 2012, directed by Michael Criscuolo. Take it away, Melissa…

“Why Indie theatre?

Indie theatre is free.

No, not free “Am I getting a comp?” free. (For you, though? I’ll see what I can do.) I mean that it’s artistically free—free from being lashed to the huge barge of capitalism, of marketability—free from being commercial, free to express ideas, to manifest one’s vision and passion, in the purest sense. It’s undiluted.

Indie theatre isn’t looking to fill a bank account. It just has something to say. Indie theatre has a voice—regardless of what people think about it, it needs to put it out there. Would it be great if that message took off and made everyone involved outrageously well-to-do? Of course. But that’s not the priority. The work is.

Because Indie theatre doesn’t run on money—it runs on passion. It’s an energy you see behind every Indie production, whether you dig a particular aesthetic or not. It’s an energy you see in the people who choose to invest their time there. They run on passion, too—and they’re most generous, dedicated, motivated (and also incredibly super fun) people I’ve ever met.

Indie theatre is its own engine, its own life force, generated by the combined hearts and minds of an intensely committed community of artists. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”

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