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Indie Theatre Week–Sara Thigpen

I’ve asked people in the extended Boomerang family to write their thoughts about Indie Theatre and why they do what they do. Sara Thigpen recently starred in Much Ado About Nothing as Beatrice, and last summer directed our acclaimed production of The Tempest. Here, she tells us what keeps her coming back for more…

“Why Indie Theater?

In college, one of my design professors started every class asking us, “What’s wrong with a bare stage? Why can’t we tell the story with a bare stage?”

Every time I enter a theater, I still ask that question.

Theater at it’s best, connects us with stories and characters. Asks questions. Answers questions.Creates community. Sparks imagination. Give voice to the voiceless. Holds the mirror up to nature, and I’ll be damned if I’ve seen myself or my friends or our questions and concerns on most of these excessively bedecked raised stages – with $100+ ticket prices.

I want Diversity. Courage. Possibility. Intimacy. Vulgarity. Raw Beauty. Personal investment. Excitement…and until that is brought to the Lunt Fontaine, Brooks Atkinson, Foxwoods, Majestic, Winter Garden…etc. I will continue to frequent The Brick, PS 122, Access Theater, Jimmy’s No.43, parking lots, parks, and living rooms where truly vital theater is being written, discussed and performed.”

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