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100 Hamiltons are back!

You’ve begged and pleaded for it, and now it’s finally here…

100 Hamiltons!

This is the chance you get every year to show the love you have for Boomerang Theatre Company and Indie Theatre in general. How does it work, you say? Well…

100 HAMILTONS is our once-a-year, two week campaign to get 100 donations of $10 each (aka “a Hamilton”) for a grand spankin’ total of $1000. Each donation goes directly to funding our 2011-2012 season. This influx of cash does great things for our company at this time of the year, as we get ready for Rock-n-Roles in October, FIRST FLIGHT in November, and our Repertory Season in February. It’s a great way to do a lot, by giving a little.


Super Exciting News! This year there are two options for giving your Hamiltons…

1) The usual super way…$10 or more one time, all going towards our 100 Hamiltons goal. Reward: Good feeling, eternal gratitude, tax deduction. To make a donation, click here.

2) The new and improved Rock Star method…$10 or more a month, recurring every month for the next year! Reward: Also eternal gratitude et al, a hug from the Boomerang staff member of your choice, and your choice of Boomerang Baseball Cap or T-shirt. To make a donation, click here and click the “Recurring Donation” button.


The 100 HAMILTONS campaign only lasts until August 29th, so please donate today. We will keep you update on the progress of the campaign as we move closer to 100 Hamiltons. 

In the coming weeks… 

Besides continuing our 100 HAMILTONS campaign, we will be featuring a sneak peek of our FIRST FLIGHT festival, update you on our February Rep Season, and more. In the meantime, the best thing you can do is give generously and tax-deductibly. Thanks!

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