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Life Offstage is on the air!

Episode 6 of Life Offstage is now available. In this episode, Tim and Christopher are reunited… and it feels so good!  Listen to their Great Midwestern Reunion Adventure and you can find out how to make a proper Chicago dog.  Come check it out here!

As if that is not enough, this is only part one of their adventure.  Check back next week for Episode 6.2 and hear what happens after Des Moines!?!?  you won’t want to miss it.

Now that we are back in the same city, the podcasts are going to becoming fast and furious.  We would love to know what you want to hear.  If you have suggestions for topics, guests or just want to send us a really tough “eff,marry, kill”  Send it to or tweet us at @lifeoffstage.  Thanks for listenin’

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