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2011 First Flight New Play Festival is here!

FIRST FLIGHT is back with the largest, most diverse and exciting lineup of plays we’ve ever had! Due to the number of outstanding new plays we’ve received, we have expanded the festival to include 7 readings over 5 days, and have included an additional 3 readings in December in what we’re calling “Extended Flights”. Check out all that’s coming up in FIRST FLIGHT

JJ photo 1 3Wednesday Nov 16th at 7:30pm
 by Jeffrey James Keyes, directed by Kristy Dodson

17 is the story about brotherhood.  Nick, Alex, Ken, and Josh set out on a backpacking adventure on Isle Royale, a tiny island in the northwest of Lake Superior.  When they reach the island they quickly realize that the wilderness has no rules. 

Thursday Nov 17th at 7:30pmpromo 2
by Michael DeVito, directed by Tim Errickson

A family of German Jews in 1935 has escaped Nazi Germany on board a freighter bound for Cuba. Officially denied entry, a father and son must finally confront their differences before they can make the most important decision of their lives: return home and take their chances, or try to navigate the dangerous underworld of Havana. It’s impossible to know the future.


Crystal_SkillmanJPGFriday Nov 18th at 7:30pm
by Crystal Skillman, directed by John Hurley
A bumbling straight-out-of-grad photography student takes off for a remote foreign land in search of the perfect shot. But on the day she’s supposed to go back to the states she finds herself drawn into the rituals of one particular family, awakening in her desire, love, and something even darker than the danger that surrounds her: her own growing ambition.


Saturday Nov 19th at 2pmSusan Ferrara Headshot 5
 by Susan Ferrara
Year after year, The Machine strips a neighborhood of its young men until a blind man returning from battle leads his shattered family from darkness into light.


35Saturday Nov 19th at 5pm
by Kelly McAllister, directed by Philip Emeott
In a sideshow tent somewhere in Limbo, a man named Riddle meets Hel, Goddess of death, who demands a story from him.  What follows is a quirky, alternately hilarious and harrowing ride as Riddle and Hel and several other unforgettable characters re-enact the story of the Modoc War, which took place in California in the late 1800’s.


Sunday Nov 20th at 3pmkraar-80 2
by Adam Kraar

Anne Goldfarb is a philanthropist who aspires to make life exquisite for everybody.  When her creative, chaotic daughter shows up at Anne’s art colony – having fled a sanatorium – splendid ideals about family, friendship and art are exploded.

Romero headshotSunday Nov 20th at 7pm
 by Greg Romero, with Electronic Music Composition by Mike Vernusky, directed by Marielle Duke

William Tell, the universe, one giant hologram, a gunshot in the face, 220px-MikeVernusky 2holographic phone calls through the radio, his wife speaks through the waves of the Pacific Ocean.  A ghost carries a wedding band, shattering the world.  A scientist tries to re-organize it in a greasy-spoon diner with his coffee.  A doctor dies in the Yuma desert, and then falls in love with a patient.  A painter dreams of falling into fires while her body falls apart.  Radio Ghosts is a performative conversation between what is live, what is composed, what is real, and what is beyond our imagination.

This year’s festival was too big to fit in one weekend! Introducing EXTENDED FLIGHTSthree more readings of surprising new plays!

ESRomeMonday December 5th at 7:30pm
SEPTEMBER SONG by Ed Schultz, directed by Dennis Deal
A man expecting to pay his respects at a friend’s funeral discovers that the deceased has a lot of life left, along with a lifetime of unresolved issues with his visitor.  With humor and insight we get a surprising and entertaining glimpse into why life is considered a journey.

Monday December 12th at 7:30pmchampness_m 2
by Michael Champness
Fighting depression, a war reporter falls in love with a reclusive writer.  Although wary of the consequences, she is uncontrollably drawn to this mutually self-destructive relationship.

TimMonday Dec 19th at 7:30pm
by Tim Errickson, directed by Christopher Thomasson
Dan comes home to the Brooklyn neighborhood of his youth with a mission: to stop his best friend Ricky from destroying himself.  Ricky thinks he’s the prince of the block, despite a looming debt and a creeping sense of danger all around. Pride, love, lust, and memory challenge whether either of them can outrun the fate coming to them.

All FIRST FLIGHT and EXTENDED FLIGHT readings will be held at ART/NY, 520 Eighth Avenue, 3rd floor. For reservations, please email tim@boomerangtheatre.org. Donations of $5 per reading are suggested.

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