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Three Questions for Adam Kraar

Adam Kraar is the playwright of GORGEOUS INTENTIONS, which gets a featured reading in the FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival on November 20th.

1) What was your inspiration for writing Gorgeous Intentions?

The impulse was seeing shocking self-deception in families – and in communities of artists who are somewhat like families. What strikes me about this self-deception is that it takes place within families that love each other. The family members want good things for each other, but they get tangled in a world where what’s valued above all is the idea of doing the Meaningful Thing. Instead of simply connecting with the people they love, they are chasing Ideas – of Art, of saving the world and of rescuing each other – and mistake Gorgeous Intentions for real love.

2) The play is set at an artist’s retreat. Do you have experience at such a place?

I’ve had great experiences at a couple of artists’ retreats. I love New York City – but do my best work in the country. What’s also inspiring about a good retreat is living in a community where the main purpose is simply making art. It’s a refreshing antidote to “real life,” where the work is just one component of a complicated existence.

3) When do you like to write? Early morning or late at night? And what do you always have to have with you when you are working?

I love to write through the morning. What I have to have with me is quiet. Caffeinated soda, though, is also most welcome to my routine.

The reading of GORGEOUS INTENTIONS takes place on Sunday November 20th at 3pm at ART/NY, 520 Eighth Avenue, 3rd floor. For reservations, please email literary@boomerangtheatre.org

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