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Random questions for…Kia Rogers!

Kia Rogers is the Lighting Designer for Boomerang’s upcoming Rep Season. Previously, Kia previously worked with Boomerang on Venus Observed, Endless Summer Nights, and Uncle Vanya in 2010. We asked her a few random questions recently…here’s a few random answers.

the lovely (and well-lit) Kia Rogers

1)      Full Name:   Kia Rogers, that’s it, no middle name!

2)     Home Town:   Wilmington, NC

3)      How did you become a lighting designer? And what do you love about it?    I was stage managing community theatre and a director asked me to help with lights and I fell in love with it! Creating that perfect look, that tells the story yet seems unobtrusive…heightening the emotional energy with direction, saturation and timing of light.

4)    What excites you about the upcoming Rep season?    I’m excited about the energy that Much Ado has, Daniel’s direction is pure joy. I especially enjoy bringing new work to life, so Spring Tides will be a lot of fun and The Real Thing by Tom Stoppard…well, who doesn’t love watching people’s emotions dissected on the boards…Cailin does an excellent job of savoring every sexual nuance of this play, not heavy-handed just “real”!

5)      What’s your favorite place in New York City?   I love all the architecture, old and new. There isn’t one place that I could pick, I love it all!

6)      In honor of Smith and NPR, can you give us a 6 word memoir?    Blinking lights, walking, peace and meow!

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