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A few random questions with…Stefano Imbert!

Stefano Imbert creates wonderful theatrical illustrations for Boomerang’s Rep and Summer Shakespeare productions. Recently, he provided the artwork for Boomerang’s 2012 Rep Season. Here’s what he had to say when peppered with a few questions…

Stefano Imbert

Full Name:  Stefano Imbert

Home town: Rome, Italy

Question 1) How does one become a theatrical Illustrator? For me personally, it was a natural progression; when I was a kid I used to make my own versions of posters for old movies.  An illustrator must have more than just a love for theatre and the performing arts.  There must also be an understanding of theatre and the unique way the medium is telling a story.  And, opposed to other types of “solitary” illustration, illustrators of theatre poster art must have that ability to work with the entire creative team of a production, i.e. the director, marketing manager, etc., in order to compromise and incorporate the various visions of everyone involved.  Last, what’s needed is luck in finding those theatres that understand illustration can give them a unique look or brand to help them stand out.

Question 2) Your work reflects a great love of the performing arts of all stripes. What type of work inspires you? The work that inspires me the most are those stories with strong character.  I love to find a way to represent the dichotomy of complex protagonists with a wide range, especially those for whom I can inject a sense of humor into their more dramatic side.  And I prefer the medium of theatre to opera and ballet, as I personally have a better understanding of theatre and can relate more intrinsically to it.   I have found working with the Boomerang every summer on their Shakespeare productions to be both inspiring and challenging, having to find new ways, which haven’t been used before, to represent these stories that have been told many times in the past.

Question 3) When do you like to work? Morning or evening? And what do you have to have around you to feel creative? I work best in the morning, but always need to put tidy up my workspace before I start.  I find disorder distracting, so putting my “disorder” in order creates a creative space for me.  And while I work, I always have music in the background.

Bonus question(!) What do you have coming up next and where else can we see your work? My current projects include theatre poster art for upcoming productions by the Mint Theater Company for their production “Love Goes To Press” and for a new children’s musical called “Go Green!” to be premiered at the New York Children’s Theater Festival.  I’m working on figures for a book to published by Oxford University Press, as well as figures for a book in development on Rome.  Lastly, I’m developing website logos/icons for a new online magazine which will focus on Italian-American culture.

My work and news of what I’m doing can be found on website (www.stefanoimbert.com) and my live model drawings can be found on a UK-based online gallery (www.saatchionline.com/pasquetto)

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