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a few random questions for…Jeff Woodbridge!

Jeff Woodbridge is a new face at Boomerang. He’s directing the New York premiere of Melissa Gawlowski’s Spring Tides, and we decided to welcome him to the family by asking him some tough questions. Take a look…

Full Name: Jeffrey Peter Woodbridge

Home town: Originally from Seattle, but Manhattan is home.

How did you get into Directing? What do you love about it? You could say it started in 4th grade when I used to coax my friends into rehearsing plays during recess, which I directed, and then talked the teacher into letting us perform in front of the class. That went on for a couple of years. As an adult, I was mostly acting when Robin Lynn Smith, an amazing teacher I was studying under, told me that I thought like a director and should consider giving it a try. A little light went on and suddenly all these directing opportunities showed up and I never looked back. I’ve always loved the rehearsal process and the treasure-hunt aspect of searching for clues and discovering the world of the play and what makes the characters tick.  I particularly enjoy collaborating with actors and designers to bring to life the little movie that goes on in my head when I read a script and being able to facilitate the creativity of a whole team of artists. It’s magical.

What is your favorite thing about working on Spring Tides? Everyone involved in the production. This is a great group of people to be working alongside.

What’s your favorite place in New York City? Central Park

Inspired by Smith and NPR, can you give us your 6 word memoir: Followed his heart, not his head.

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