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A few random questions for…Kate Kenney!

Kate Kenney stars as Debbie in THE REAL THING, opening March 3rd. Let’s get to know her!

Name: Kate Kenney

Home town: Southwest Harbor, Maine

Tell us a little bit about Debbie in THE REAL THING: Debbie is an extremely intelligent young lady, who is struggling with her place in the family in the aftermath of her parent’s divorce. (Is that a spoiler alert?) 😉 She is attempting to assert her independence from her parents-testing their limits-but is also deeply in need of reassurance (from her father especially) that she is still a priority in their lives.

What is your favorite thing about working on THE REAL THING? The people. I have met some fantastic people on this production, and I learn from them in every rehearsal.  There is a wonderful sense of sharing that has arisen very naturally, and the amount of laughter that happens is always fun.  And of course it goes almost without saying that the play itself-the language-is sensational.

What is your favorite place in New York City? There’s a particular tree in Fort Tryon Park where you can look out at the Hudson, hear the bell from the Cloisters, and actually feel alone.  It’s a bit cold for hanging out there now, but it’s a special place of mine.  I also really dig Tea & Sympathy on Greenwich Ave.

In keeping with the spirit of playing the daughter of a writer, can you give us your Six Word Memoir:  Ocean, Solitude, Books, Whimsical, Expansion, Mountains

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