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a few random questions for…Erik Sherr!

Erik Sherr with Sara Thigpen in Much Ado, Summer 2011

Erik Sherr returns to his role as Antonio in our wild production of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. In addition to acting, Erik is also a talented interior decorator. Check out Erik’s responses to a few random questions…

Full Name: Erik Michael Sherr

 Hometown: Wilmington, DE

Tell us a little about Antonio…how is your experience so far been different inside than outside this summer?  My Antonio is not a traditional one, mainly because I’m way too young to be playing him as he was written. I don’t think there’s any specific reference to his age, but the language Ursula uses to describe him makes it clear that he’s quite old. So we’ve cut those lines and made him younger and somewhat dashing rather than doddering. It changes the effect of his one big scene in which he lays into Claudio. Traditionally, it probably comes off as kind of comical and pathetic to see this old man threatening to whoop Claudio’s ass. He works himself into such a state of rage that he might start to flail and stumble ineffectually. I always imagine Don Ameche’s apoplectic rant at the end of Trading Places. My Antonio (I hope) actually is a bit threatening. While he still completely loses the elegant composure he strives to maintain, he drives his point home to Claudio and the Prince. In a house where there has been no matriarch for a long time, he has become this kind of mother hen to his nieces, and when one of them has had her life ruined by such a callous boy (albeit a soldier who is trained to kill), he is ready to throw down his gauntlet. It’s been very fulfilling to revisit him in a more intimate space. I found working in the park to be limiting. When you have to speak that loud and be that big physically, you lose a lot of nuance. You’re painting in really broad strokes and with a limited color palate. Inside I’ve been able to pull it back and discover a few things in the text that I hope give Antonio more depth.

What is your favorite thing about working on Much Ado?  My favorite thing about working on Much Ado is the amazing people I get to work with. They are full of light and generosity, and a reminder for me to be too.

What’s your favorite place in New York City?  My favorite place in New York City is the 3rd floor of Bergdorf Goodman Men.

Can you give us your 6 word memoir Born. Grew. A lot. What next?

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