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A few random questions for…Douglas B. Giorgis

Douglas B. Giorgis is appearing as Brodie in Boomerang’s production of THE REAL THING. Doug is a company member with Retro Productions, where he recently appeared in The Desk Set and Dear Ruth. Take a look at Doug’s answers to some random questions…

Full Name: Douglas B. Giorgis

Hometown: San Francisco

Tell us a little about Brodie.  Brodie definitely beats to the rhythm of a different drum.  Coming from a disadvantaged past, he wants to blaze his own path on his own terms while at the same time he is just a scared, gullible young man.  Hopefully this dichotomy, simultaneously, makes you dislike, fear and feel sorry for him.  

What is your favorite thing about working on The Real Thing?  I was excited to work on this project because, due to the nature of my character, most of my development can be done at home rather than in rehearsal, so I get to spend a lot of time at home with my 3 month old daughter while still doing a show.  However, I have come to discover how talented this cast is. I am always impressed by the work I see them doing in rehearsals.  It excites me when I get to work with such talented people. 

What’s your favorite place in New York City? Central Central Park, after a fresh snowfall. And I do mean the center of the park, where the paths turn to dirt and far fewer people venture. 

Inspired by NPR, can you give us your 6 word memoir: Patiently striving to accomplish more, now.

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