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Thank you

Hello folks…been a while since you’ve seen a new post on here, mostly because we have been finishing up and recovering from our tremendously successful Rep Season at The Secret Theater in March. We have lots of new projects to talk about, but before we get too far removed, I want to say a very loud THANK YOU to a few people…

– Thank you to all of our talented actors who worked so hard to bring our three plays to vibrant life each night: Spencer Aste, Susan Atwood, Elizabeth Audley, Zack Calhoon, Eddie Carnevale, Jimmy Davis, Jon Dykstra, John Egan, Alex Engquist, Doug Giorgis, Kate Kenney, James Leighton, Jason Liebman, Synge Maher, Sevrin Mason, Mike Mraz, David Nelson, Amelia Pedlow, Ralph Petrarca, Maria Peyramaure, Aidan Redmond, Erik Sherr, Valerie Stanford, Jelena Stupljanin, Sara Thigpen, David Townsend, Sanford Wilson, and Scott Witebsky

-Thank you to three very talented directors: Cailin Heffernan, Daniel Talbott and Jeff Woodbridge

Thank you to Melissa Gawlowski, an exciting playwright and a terrific collaborator, for trusting us with SPRING TIDES

-Thank you to our outstanding design team: Kia Rogers, Nikki Black, Jay Spriggs, Joe Mathers, Sara Slagle, Evan Hill, Sam Gordon, Laura Duell and Cheryl McCarron

-No way you can produce without quality stage management…Thank you to our terrific team of Michelle Foster, Alicia Thompson, Bertie Michaels, Denise Cardarelli, Lauren Melrose and Ana Centeno

-Thank you to our partners in crime in the BFG: Gideon Productions and Flux Theatre Ensemble, for their support of these shows and all our work

-Shout outs to people who don’t get enough thank yous: Emily Owens, Stefano Imbert, Melissa Gawlowski, Philip Emeott, Joe Mathers, Marielle Duke, Christopher Thomasson, Isaiah Tannenbaum, Kate Kenney, Sara Thigpen and Sue Abbott.

-Thank you to our audiences, who braved the wilds of Long Island City to see our plays and tell us how much they liked them.

-Thank you to the staff of The Secret Theater, who made us feel at home and supported us in ways both large and small. They’re a terrific team.

-Thank you to the staff of The Colony Diner, American Hero, The Shannon Pot, and Brooks 1890. We came in often and you made us feel like part of the family. Thank you!

As we move on from these exceptional productions, we cast an eye toward the future and projects on the horizon…see next post : )

(Much Ado and Spring Tides photos by Isaiah Tannenbaum)

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