2011-2012 Season, Boom Artists, Indie Theatre Community, Shakespeare

Additional HAMLET casting announced

Hello folks! We’re getting closer and closer to 1st rehearsal of Hamlet, and we’re proud to announce additional casting for Inspirational artwork for Boomerang's HAMLETthe show.

Joining the previously announced Zack Calhoon (Hamlet) and Mark Souza (Laertes) will be Annalisa Loeffler (Gertrude), John Greenleaf (Claudius), Ralph Petrarca (Ghost and Gravedigger), Uriel Menson (Polonius), Kayla Wickes (Ophelia), Ashley Bloom (Rosencrantz), Steph Van Vlack (Player Queen), David Carlyon (Player King and Gravedigger), JP Villa (ensemble) and Cristina Pitter (ensemble). Additional casting still to come.

Lots of prep work going on…illustrations, designers, schedules, auditions, all kinds of fun. But we’re excited to share this casting info with you. Mark your calendars for June 23rd for first performance of HAMLET!

More info here

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