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First Read Thru and First Drink for Hamlet tonight

And we’re finally here.

Hamlet promotional artwork, by the immensely talented Stefano Imbert

Tonight kicks off the rehearsal process for Boomerang’s 2012 Summer Shakespeare production of HAMLET. Lots of interesting things about this go-round:

1) Due to Parks Department work, we will be in new location! 77th and Central Park West, close to our friends at the Delacorte.
2) Exciting new actors coming to the Boomerang family, including Annalisa Loeffler, Kayla Wickes, Ashley Bloom, Cristina Pitter, Austin Ku and Steph van Vlack
3)…who’ll be mixing it up with returning Boomerang All-Stars Zack Calhoon, Mark Souza, John Greenleaf, Uriel Menson, Ralph Petrarca, David Carlyon, Carsey Walker Jr and JP Villa.
4) the return to the park of Michelle “Lil G” Foster and Marielle Duke

And on top of all that, I’m really excited to get back out there. I haven’t directed a full production for Boomerang since 2006, and haven’t directed outside since 2000. Lets see if I’ve learned anything watching some very good directors (John Hurley, Philip Emeott, Sara Thigpen, Daniel Talbott, Kate Ross) work outside for us lately.

This HAMLET, without telling too much about it, will be a very modern, muscular, plot driven, exciting version, looking to challenge every preconceived notion you had about the play. Zack Calhoon and I have begun looking at certain speeches and moments to begin putting the work together, and I could not be happier to finally get to tonight.

It’s going to be fun.

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