Boom Artists, First Flight

FIRST FLIGHT 2012 is coming!

Hi folks…Boomerang’s 2012 FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival is getting closer, and scripts are flying around fast and furious. We’ve reading and evaluating hundreds of submissions, and have narrowed the field down to the following group of Finalists:

Mateo Moreno
Shayne Kennedy
Lavinia Roberts
Ivan Fuller
Terence Patrick Hughes
Joseph Krawczyk
John Morogiello
Richard Manley
Mackenzie Jahnke

We are really excited about taking a deeper look at the work of these terrific writers, and selecting plays from this group for the Festival. More to follow as we make the official Festival announcement.

Boomerang’s FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival runs November 14th-18th, 2012 at The Room at New Georges, 520 8th Avenue, 3rd floor. Readings are free, $5 donations are appreciated.

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