Boom Artists, Indie Theatre Community

Meet our new Administrative Intern–Marly Leighton!

Hey everyone! My name is Marly Leighton but I also answer to Marles, Marles Barkley, or Marles in Charge (Boomerang is big on nicknames). I’m in my final semester as a Theatre Production and Management major at Marymount Manhattan College where my main focus has been stage management and I enjoy long walks on the beach. I was lucky to join up with Boomerang this summer working as the stage manager on Hamlet in Central Park and haven’t been able to get enough of the company since.

This semester I’ve been working with Boomerang’s Managing Director, Sue Abbott (SueBott), on development and grant writing. Development and fundraising is one of those elusive branches of theatre that you don’t really get a chance to study in detail in any undergraduate theatre programs, so I realized the best training I would get would be to just do it. Plus it’s an excuse to grab coffee with SueBott biweekly.

I’ve learned a ton so far and can’t wait to immerse myself more into the offstage world of non-for-profit theatre because this is where a lot of really brilliant work is being produced. The ability to help the brilliant work happen on the management end is rewarding beyond words.

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