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Meet our new Artistic Intern–Danielle Demisay!

Hello there, fellow Boomerang-ers! I’m Danielle Demisay, new Literary Intern to Boomerang. Since I have not claimed a nickname yet, feel free to call me D-Money, DanDem, or whichever wittiest creation you can come up with. I am truly thrilled to be part of this spunky creative team and I am looking forward to the First Flight Festival in November!

As a recent graduate of Providence College, I am an aspiring playwright, director, and actor.  I have written one full length and a one-act play, as well as writing as much as I can on new ideas daily. Some of my favorite mavericks of theatre range from David Mamet, Martin McDonagh, Shaw, Beckett, Shakespeare, Mary Zimmerman, Eugene O’ Neill, and all the way to Donald Margulies. Since I spent six months in Cork, Ireland  in 2011 studying Drama, I am a believer in the tragic comedy and themes of Irish playwrights’ work. I have found that I am a lover of critique on plays and find the feedback, although not always wanted nor agreed with, is often necessary for a work to grow. Also I am a lover of history, so I enjoy reading biographies and peoples’ history narratives. I promise I’m not as boring as that sounds, I just find history a valuable cornerstone to my theatre endeavors. If I was to pick one play from the anthology I have seen that truly moved me, that would be Lookingglass Theatre Company in Chicago’s The Arabian Nights by Mary Zimmerman. I saw this revival from their repertory in 2010 and can still recall how truly both tragic and comic, collaborative, and daring this performance was.

Since I have had the rewarding experience of reading many play submissions for First Flight, I can not wait to see the incarnations of the finalists in the festival. I’m truly excited to become part of the Boomerang family and look forward to the future adventures 🙂

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