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Celebrate the past, support the future!

Yesterday, we began our End of Year Giving campaign for 2012. Our campaign focuses on three ideas: how much we have accomplished in the first 14 years of our company, how much we have coming up as part of our 15 year Anniversary season, and how we want to define our Indie Theatre going forward.

 We think it’s an exciting conversation to have with our supporters, and one we probably should have more often. If we fall short in keeping that conversation steadily alive throughout the year, it’s because we are actively working on making plays. But the conversation is certainly ongoing all year round internally.

Photo by Isaiah Tanenbaum
The cast of Hamlet thanks you for your support throughout the year

Boomerang is in a special position within the Indie Theatre community. We have the tenure to span both the Lower East Side Indie Theatre renaissance of the middle/late 90’s and the next golden age of Indie from the mid 2000’s to present. With that experience, I’ve always believe we needed to lead the community from the front, breaking new ground and taking risks organizationally that others might be able to follow and learn from. We did that in 1999 when we pioneered rotating rep for Indie Theatre, and we did that earlier this year as part of the BFG Collective with our terrific partners Flux Theatre Ensemble and Gideon Productions. For us, exploration and risk is always the name of the game.

More to follow as the campaign continues. In the meantime, thank you for your continued support. If you’d like to make a donation to support Boomerang’s End of Year Giving campaign, you can do that below.

Celebrate the past, support the future.

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Your donations make possible everything we do, from new play readings to world premiere productions to free outdoor Shakespeare. Please give us your support.

Thank you!

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