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2013 Season, and how your giving makes a difference

With 2012 in the rearview mirror, Boomerang Theatre Company is looking forward to an exciting 15th Anniversary season. Here are some of the things coming up, and each one will have a huge impact with your tax deductible donation. We are putting together a season filled with Indie Theatre All Stars, and you can be a part of it.

PhilipShakespeare’s RICHARD III will kick off the 2013 season as our annual free production in Central Park. Philip Emeott will direct the play, which begins performances June 22nd, 2013. Philip has previously directed Boomerang’s productions of Uncle Vanya, Dangerous Corner, King Lear and A Midsummer Night’s Dream among others. He is the perfect person to direct Richard outside in our anniversary season. His work is exciting, detailed like a painter, constantly inventive, and his experience directing productions for us outside will make his Richard one of the highlights of the summer.

JohnnaJohnna Adams’ new verse comedy LICKSPITTLES, BUTTONHOLERS AND DAMNED PERNICIOUS GO-BETWEENS will have you charmed and chuckling this Fall. Johnna’s play will be directed by John Hurley, familiar to Boomerang audiences from his productions of All’s Well that Ends Well and Artist Descending a Staircase. Johnna’s play is full of wonderful wit and warmth, as three bombastic lords in the Danish court must travel to France to prevent Copenhagen from being bombed during wartime. To say that hijinx ensue when they meet their female French counterparts is not doing justice. I would urge getting tickets the moment they go on sale.

bigstock-Vintage-Keys--146848Our annual new works FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival will return in November 2013 with a full slate of new works from some of the country’s most engaging playwrights. FIRST FLIGHT plays an important role as these new plays grow to their full potential, and allows our audience to watch these plays unfold. 

We need your help to bring these projects to life. Two additional shows will be added to our 2013 season, and your donations support the work of these artists and many more. Please click the link below to make a tax-deductible contribution.

Celebrate the past, support the future!

Cailin“Boomerang Theatre Company loves actors!  As a director and writer, I am often unable to pursue any theatrical piece with more than two, three or four actors.  Boomerang never shies away from the epic. And, they hire more actors and still manage absolutely lovely production values.  I whole-heartedly support Boomerang and urge you to include them in your donations this season.”
Cailin Heffernan, Director/Writer 

6326395“Artists in New York, particularly in the Indie Theater community, become something more than a group of people working on a project, they become a family. In no company, I think, is this more true than with Boomerang Theater Company. Supporting Boomerang means that you are supporting a company that not only produces consistently strong work, but produces consistently strong artists.”
Marielle Duke, Director and Arts Educator

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