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Meet Boomerang’s Stage Management Intern: Veronica Lee

Hello cyber world, I’m Veronica Lee, Boomerang’s Stage Management Intern for Richard III. Veronica is kinda long, so you can call me “V” or “VLee”, it makes life easier sometimes…


I am a rising senior at Elon University in North Carolina working toward a B.A. in Theatrical Design and Production with a focus in stage management. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work on a wide variety of productions during my time at Elon as well as during my study abroad trip to London. While in London, I had the opportunity to intern as a Production Assistant at Pentameters Theatre, a small fringe theatre near the heart of London, and assistant on four short plays.

Being a Pittsburgh-native, coming to New York City isn’t as easy as a short hour-long train ride, but thanks to Boomerang this is now my second internship in the city. Last summer, I had the opportunity to intern at Bauman Redanty Shaul Talent Agency, which gave me my first taste of life in New York and left me wanting more (so thanks, Boomerang, for bringing me back!).

I am so excited to continue this journey with Boomerang as we move towards our technical rehearsals and performances for Richard III. Who knows what shenanigans we will get ourselves into!

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