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8 days of RICHARD

Well, it finally stopped raining for a day. Outdoor Shakespeare productions are at the mercy of rain clouds and humidity more than we’d like to admit sometimes.

Philip Emeott as Richard
Philip Emeott as Richard

(Ironically, we’re producting Jamie Pachino’s WAVING GOODBYE in 2014, and it needs rain onstage, so we’re going to spend the next 6 months figuring that out; Richard III, on the other hand, needs no rain, and that’s all we’re getting. Figures)

We are at the part of the process where lines are learned, scenes are starting to be run in sequence (all of act 4, for example), and THINGS begin to show up…broad swords, costumes, folding chairs, flags, walkie talkies. these things are a sure sign that we are in the last days of rehearsal. In this case, 8 days before we open.

Of those 8 days, 2 will be off days. The cast needs rest, the designers need time to finish things, and producers need time to finish off press requests and marketing. So that leaves us with a tremendous amount to do in SIX days in the park. Assuming Mother Nature is on our side.

One of the most interesting things to me about these upcoming 8 days will be the weaving together of all the disparate parts. And there are lots of them. RICHARD III is by far our biggest and most sophisticated outdoor production to date (surpassing 2011’s MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING by a slim margin), and includes music directors, musicians, props artisans, the aforementioned broadswords, armor, tents, a dumb show and more. Right now, all of these things are in their separate boxes, newly minted. These 8 days are when we get to pull all of our toys out and play with them together. I liken it to finally getting to put the tie with the shirt with the suit with the shoes with the belt. We think it’s going to look great, and we’re excited to spend the next 8 days tailoring everything for a perfect fit.

RICHARD III open June 22nd in Central Park at The Boomerang Rock. More information is here.

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