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Talking more about RICHARD

Thank you to everyone who has come to the park these last few weeks to see our production of RICHARD III. Just a reminder—Final performances are this weekend July 13th and 14th at 2pm.

We’re extremely proud of the work, and so glad we got to share it with you. In this post, I’m going to include a few more pics from Richard, and talk a little bit more about what we tried to accomplish with the show.

We had very distinct ideas about what we wanted RICHARD III to be, especially as it kicked off our 15th Anniversary Season. We knew we wanted it to feel bigger than previous years, as epic in scale as we could physically carry into the park everyday.  

Why big? Because we are celebrating 15 years, and we wanted to remind you that you were seeing something special, something unique, and something that was the culmination of all we had learned and developed. But as the Artistic Director, I also wanted to remind you of our capacity.

Capacity. How much weight we can carry. How strong we are. “Go to the carnival, swing the big hammer and ring the bell” kind of strong.

We want to set a tone for Indie Theatre, reminding everyone that the highest quality work in this country can be done in the smallest or weirdest of spaces. You don’t need to spend $600 on Matilda to see the best, the best can be right in front of you, in your park or your library or your temple. And we wanted to re-assert our specific place in this world, reminding folks that when they support Boomerang during 100 Hamiltons or by putting donations in a bucket or by buying a ticket, that this…THIS is who we are. Fearless to the point of stupidity, astute, grand and badass. Big.

15 years old. Buckle up.

Now, some pics:

r3 Edward & HastingsIsaiah richard 3More Richard 2Richard Isaiah 2richard Isaiah 4

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