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Meet our Candida

I’ve asked various people who are working on the Rep season to contribute a blog post or two. We love introducing them to you, so that they feel like old friends a few weeks from now when you see them onstage. Here’s a post from our very own Candida herself, Susan Atwood.


Hello. My name is Susan Atwood, and I am very excited to be playing Candida in Boomerang’s upcoming production of George Bernard Shaw’s classic, “Candida.” I had the pleasure of working with Boomerang for my first time last year, when I played the Meghan/Sister Bernardina in “Spring Tides.” I was also lucky enough to get to help out with Rock n’ Roles last March (FREEBIRD!!!).

I am originally from rural central New York State, and I graduated college with a BFA as a studio artist. I currently live in Brooklyn. Aside from being an actor, I do sometimes write, direct, and produce.

I am really looking forward to beginning work on “Candida” for a few reasons. First, to be very honest, it’s a rare treat to work on a published work that has withstood the test of time and is recognizable by name. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE new works and strongly believe in supporting new work – but when you have to explain most of your resume and it sounds like this:

“I played an Irish yogi who blew up a video store…”
“It was a show about a housewife recently plagued by an infestation of ghost-zombies, who are actually her husband’s murder victims…” or
“I played a medieval Spanish nun in body armor who appeared in dream sequences…”

It’s just nice to be able to let a role speak for itself. (Although… those listed above are some pretty kick-ass roles, and I wouldn’t trade them for the anything.)

Second, since I was an art major in school, I haven’t had as much hands-on experience with the classics, so this will be my first Shaw production. And I am just so happy to have the opportunity to grow as an actor and learn the work of such an iconic artist from the inside out. And of course the role itself is such a huge gift, too: A smart, funny woman with a couple of men fighting over her? Yes, please.

Last but not least, I am flattered to be invited back by of the most fun, supportive, talented, tight-knit, and professional groups I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

I will admit I’m nervous (that’s half the fun of theatre), but I know we’re all in good hands.

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