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And now, a few words from Cailin Heffernan

I’ve asked various people who are working on the Rep season to contribute a blog post or two. We love introducing them to you, so that they feel like old friends a few weeks from now when you see them onstage. Here’s a post from our very own Cailin Heffernan, director of To Fool The Eye opening September 20th.


Cailin Heffernan (third from left) with her cast and director for Rock-n-Roles in March 2013
Cailin Heffernan (third from left) with her cast and director for Rock-n-Roles in March 2013

1)      What’s your previous experience been with Boomerang? Productions, readings, workshops?

I’ve been working happily and creatively collaborating with Boomerang for going on twelve years.  My first project was to direct the reading of Peter Shelburne’s Milk in February of 2002.  My first full production was the following season, Francis Kuzler’s The Substance of John AP Book:  Jack Kerouac in Fall of 2003.  Since then, I’ve directed seven more full productions in rotating rep:  Eugene O’Neill’s Beyond The Horizon; my own adaptation of John Dryden’s All For Love; O’Neill’s Anna Christie; Larry Kirwan’s The Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own; Tennessee Williams Summer and Smoke; Christopher Fry’s Venus Observed; and Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing.  Currently in production with my ninth full production – Jeffrey Hatcher’s To Fool The Eye (an adaptation of Jean Anouilh’s “Leocadia”).  Directed the First Flight readings of:  Terence Patrick Hughes’ Goodnight Sunshine; my own play with music Rebel Hearts; my own play Blooddrinker; JD Eames’ Do Geese See God; Colin McKenna’s Parking Lot, Lonely Hearts, Mike Folie’s Panama and the Aronson/Heffernan musical Loveless Texas in both a reading and a developmental workshop.  Directed two galas:  First Kisses by Jay Hanagan at the Lucille Lortel and Mary Jett Parsley’s Monster Tales at TACT.  Participated in my first “Rock N Roles” this 2013 season, where I wrote the playlet, “Saturday”.  I was both terrified and elated.  (Editor’s note: Wow, that’s a lot)

 2)      How is the rehearsal process going for your show?

Not to invite a kinne hora, but so far… so good.  I’ve having a great time at any rate.  I have a highly collaborative, open, intrepid and positive cast which lends a special pleasure to rehearsals.  I look forward to going daily to create with both old friends and new playmates.  Also, after spending so much time with Brit and Irish works in recent years, it’s fun to get back to France.

3)      What are you most looking forward to about your show?

Can’t wait to see how the romance balances with the satirical comedy and the ’30’s music.  Taking this challenging play…  an alternately word driven, then physicality driven work…  and present it to an intimate audience, well it’ll be a rather exciting rollercoaster.

To Fool The Eye runs September 20th-Oct 13th at TheaterLab. Tickets are available here.

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