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Rising Sun Performance Company’s THE FIREBIRD


Boomerang’s Artistic Director Tim Errickson is also a published playwright. His most recent new play The Firebird is currently running at The Paradise Factory as part of The Planet Connections Festivity, produced by Rising Sun Performance Company. Tim recently sat down with Pulitzer Prize winning Arts Journalist and amateur Ornithologist Arn Coppinger to talk about the play, birds, Brooklyn and more birds.

Arn Coppinger: Can you tell me a little bit about your new play THE FIREBIRD.

Tim Errickson: Sure, it’s a play about people living in Brooklyn as the world and their neighborhoods constantly change around them. It’s a play about the economy, about race and class, about mothers and sons, fathers and sons, history, responsibility and love.

AC: Can you tell our readers what happens in the play? For inquiring minds…

TE: Well, in the play, a character named Dan has left the Brooklyn neighborhood where he grew up and is now working across the river in Manhattan. He gets a call from Irene, his mother’s best friend, to come back to Brooklyn and visit after a long absence. Irene’s family is struggling, and weird things are happening. So Irene wants Dan to make her husband Joe an offer to buy a car, so that Irene and Joe might have extra money and settle some of the odd things.  While out there, Dan runs into his childhood friend Ricky, Irene and Joe’s son. Dan and Ricky were close as brothers, raised on the same block. Ricky’s still trying to find his way in the world, but he knows for some reason that the neighborhood is the answer, rather than look somewhere else. Dan also runs into Marci, his high school girlfriend who’s now dating Ricky. Lots of tension, jealousy, what ifs, colliding with ideas of family, The American Dream, gentrification, labor… all kinds of things.

AC: And now tell us about the birds.

TE: Well, there aren’t any birds in the show

AC: Ah yes, but the title is The FireBIRD. So surely there must be some aviary connection.

TE: Well the Firebird in the title is the make of a car, a Trans Am that both of the main characters loved as kids. It’s also this symbol of can you fix something up and make it like it was, or do you let that go and move on.

AC: I see.

TE: The show is also supporting The Wounded Warrior Project, a charity very near to my heart. The show has two more performances–Wednesday July 8th at 8:15pm and Saturday July 11th at 2pm. I’m sure your readers will want to get tickets at

AC: And will there be birds on hand at the theater when my people attend the performance?

TE: Um, no. Like maybe a pigeon outside somewhere, but not like, inside with the people.

AC: Oh well. I guess I will see it anyway, despite all of your misleading promotional material.

TE: Can I just say, Arn, that whether you enjoy birds love or not, you will love The Firebird.

Tickets are $18 and are available at

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