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A Few Random Questions For…Dan Renkin

Dan Renkin is the kind of person you want as a fight choreographer…A soft spoken, patient, creative, bad-ass. Some folks may remember him onstage for Boomerang last summer in Love’s Labour’s Lost in Bryant Park (a show in which he also did the fights). Dan answered a few random questions while preparing for the final two performances of CYMBELINE this weekend (July 18th and 19th at 2pm) …

Dan Renkin (l) with the cast of Love's Labour's Lost in Bryant Park
Dan Renkin (l) with the cast of Love’s Labour’s Lost in Bryant Park

Full Name: Dan Renkin

Home town: Wait…*where* am I?

How many Boomerang shows have you done? Beyond the Horizon, Love’s Labors, Cymbeline*
(* we actually counted later, and he also worked on Anna Christie and a few others as well. The exact number has been lost to history…)

Tell us a little about your role as Fight Choreographer: Shakespeare’s story meets (director) Cailín (Heffernan)’s devised world meets The Cast. It’s teasing out how this story needs to get told, with a physical vocabulary that makes sense for our version of the world of the play. Our Cymbeline is stylized, which works beautifully for a small ensemble, and in our park performance spaces–the actors’ bodies are our architecture, and define space. In the fights, that stylization can help define emotion, too.

What is your favorite thing about working on CYMBELINE? Great words, great people. Boomerang is a family of generous and astonishing people. It’s sort of a gifted-and-talented program for professional adults. Playful and enthusiastic collaboration always makes my work easier–and better–and more fun to do.

What’s your favorite place in New York City?  The stage of the Metropolitan Opera House.  Looking out.

In keeping with the spirit economy, can you give us your 6 word memoir:  Sci-fi geek runs with pointy stick.

Cymbeline runs July 18th and 19th at 2pm in Central Park (enter at 72nd and Central Park West) Additional details can be found here. Cymbeline is free, no tickets or reservations are required.

Dan Renkin (left) with Vinnie Penna (center) and Annalisa Loeffler (right)
Dan Renkin (left) with Vinnie Penna (center) and Annalisa Loeffler (right)

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