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More Mystery Box prizes

The Mystery Box prizes keep pouring in for our Flights of Fancy celebration on Sunday! If you’d like to win any of these prizes, or any of the ones previously mentioned here, you just need to buy a ticket to the event!

Here’s a little sneak peak of the new prizes, for those people who like to look nice and smell nice…

  • Creme de La Mer (1 oz.)
  • MAC Smoky Face Palette (3 eyeshadows, 4 lipcolors, pressed powder; cream base; brush) and Nail Lacquer “Magnificent Feast”
  • Tory Burch 4 Soap Gift Set
  • Smashbox “Art Love Color” Eyes & Studio Set (5 eyeliners – black/brown/blue/purple/gold; lipstick/lipgloss/3 eyeshadows/mascara)
  • Clinique Happy Gift Set (1.7 oz fragrance spray; 2.5 oz body creme; .2 oz fragrance rollerball)
  • Clinique for Men Shave Kit (3.4 oz face scrub; 1.4 oz aloe shave gel; 3.4 oz anti-age moisturizer)
  • Origins “Make a Difference Plus” Skin Care Set (1.7 oz lotion; 1.0 oz serum; 1.7 oz treatment; 1.0 oz moisturizer)

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