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The Boomerang Community: Gabby Sherba

As part of our campaign to support new play development in 2017, we’ve asked members of Boomerang’s artistic family to write about our company and what makes us unique for them. We hope that you will recognize our distinctive contribution to New York City theatre with a financial gift this holiday season. We’re challenging donors to commit to a recurring donation of $10 or $25 per month for the entirety of 2017.

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But don’t take our word for it…


Upon arriving in New York in 2009, I found myself sifting through scam artists and egomaniacs as I began my search for collaborators in theater and film. Suddenly, an abundance of bands and musical artists presented themselves with cooperative spirits of passion and oneness and very quickly soaked up the majority of my creative time and energy. I thought I might have stepped outside of theater altogether. ‘Yeah,’ I thought, ‘I guess NYC thespians comprise a rather hideous species; industry is a murderer of all beautiful concepts, etc.’

One day I was connected to Boomerang Theatre Company for an audition. I was alerted that the role in question would involve partial nudity but, after a week-long (possibly internal) exclamation of, ‘OH GOOD, MORE BLEEPING BUFFOONS TRYING TO GET ME NAKED UNDER THE GUISE OF A THEATER PRODUCTION,’ I met Tim Errickson and discovered in him and his colleagues sincerity, talent, and dedication of a caliber I had not yet encountered in this city. Soon I was enjoying Boomerang’s new works and innovative classical re-tellings from both audience and performer perspectives, and feeling incredulously grateful to have found a nurturing creative home amongst tremendous talent, vision, and goodness. The First Flight readings I’ve had the joy of acting in have given me wonderful scene partners, challenging material that I find engaging and relevant, and invaluable connections to people I admire and am so fortunate to now call collaborators. The Rock-N-Roles 24-hour play festival tradition has done the same in addition to demanding a spontaneous deepening expansion of my memory and of my improvisational skills and general fearlessness as both actor and musician, which is something I could be spending my money on trying to achieve in a class. I hope to see this kind of environment continually supported and thriving for many years to come.

Gabby Sherba in “Drunken Angel” by James Comtois in Boomerang’s ROCK-N-ROLES: Country Rock Bootleg

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