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Promotional Photos from HAMLET

Hi folks…we are hard at work on HAMLET, opening June 23rd in Central Park (77th street and Central Park West, just up from the Boomerang Rock). I wanted to share some of the promo pics that Isaiah Tanenbaum took last weekend. Take a look at this sneak preview…


2011-2012 Season, Boom Artists, Indie Theatre Community, Shakespeare

First Read Thru and First Drink for Hamlet tonight

And we’re finally here.

Hamlet promotional artwork, by the immensely talented Stefano Imbert

Tonight kicks off the rehearsal process for Boomerang’s 2012 Summer Shakespeare production of HAMLET. Lots of interesting things about this go-round:

1) Due to Parks Department work, we will be in new location! 77th and Central Park West, close to our friends at the Delacorte.
2) Exciting new actors coming to the Boomerang family, including Annalisa Loeffler, Kayla Wickes, Ashley Bloom, Cristina Pitter, Austin Ku and Steph van Vlack
3)…who’ll be mixing it up with returning Boomerang All-Stars Zack Calhoon, Mark Souza, John Greenleaf, Uriel Menson, Ralph Petrarca, David Carlyon, Carsey Walker Jr and JP Villa.
4) the return to the park of Michelle “Lil G” Foster and Marielle Duke

And on top of all that, I’m really excited to get back out there. I haven’t directed a full production for Boomerang since 2006, and haven’t directed outside since 2000. Lets see if I’ve learned anything watching some very good directors (John Hurley, Philip Emeott, Sara Thigpen, Daniel Talbott, Kate Ross) work outside for us lately.

This HAMLET, without telling too much about it, will be a very modern, muscular, plot driven, exciting version, looking to challenge every preconceived notion you had about the play. Zack Calhoon and I have begun looking at certain speeches and moments to begin putting the work together, and I could not be happier to finally get to tonight.

It’s going to be fun.

2011-2012 Season, Boom Artists, Indie Theatre Community, Shakespeare

Additional HAMLET casting announced

Hello folks! We’re getting closer and closer to 1st rehearsal of Hamlet, and we’re proud to announce additional casting for Inspirational artwork for Boomerang's HAMLETthe show.

Joining the previously announced Zack Calhoon (Hamlet) and Mark Souza (Laertes) will be Annalisa Loeffler (Gertrude), John Greenleaf (Claudius), Ralph Petrarca (Ghost and Gravedigger), Uriel Menson (Polonius), Kayla Wickes (Ophelia), Ashley Bloom (Rosencrantz), Steph Van Vlack (Player Queen), David Carlyon (Player King and Gravedigger), JP Villa (ensemble) and Cristina Pitter (ensemble). Additional casting still to come.

Lots of prep work going on…illustrations, designers, schedules, auditions, all kinds of fun. But we’re excited to share this casting info with you. Mark your calendars for June 23rd for first performance of HAMLET!

More info here

2011-2012 Season, Boom Artists, Indie Theatre Community, Shakespeare

HAMLET needs Puppets!

Ok, so I just saw The Muppet Movie, and I have a great idea for HAMLET…

Just kidding.

In truth, Boomerang is in need of a designer to help create special effects/puppets for one scene of HAMLET. Less Muppets, more THE LION KING.

These puppets should be portable, collapsible/storable for transit, and hold up well during outdoor use. If anyone knows a designer who would be interested in hearing more about the concept, have them get in touch.

Stipend is available.

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Announcing Boomerang’s next project: HAMLET

We’re very proud to announce Boomerang’s next production will be our annual outdoor Shakespeare production in Central Park. This year, we will present an all new, reinvented production of the world’s most famous play: HAMLET.

HAMLET will be directed by Artistic Director Tim Errickson, with costume design by Carolyn Pallister, props design by Sara Slagle,  and lighting design by Kia Rogers. Marielle Duke is the Assistant Director, and the Production Stage Manager is Michelle Foster. Stefano Imbert will once again contribute his exceptional artwork for the production.

The blurb:
A young prince finds himself in the middle of duel. His family and friends look on, laughing carelessly. Somewhere nearby, the girl he loves lies buried in a fresh grave. These will be the prince’s last breaths, his last thoughts. The rest is silence.

Two Boomerang alums are the first to join the cast…Zack Calhoon (seen in Boomerang’s KING LEAR, GIANT-N-VARIATION and THE REAL THING) will play Prince Hamlet, and Mark Souza (Boomerang’s MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING)  will star as Laertes. Additional casting to be announced.

Zack  has done a number of shows with us including Billy in The Real Thing, Edmund in King Lear, Variation in the World Premier of Giant-N-Variation, Dex in Irvine Welsh’s (author of Trainspotting) play, You’ll Have Had Your Hole;  and Prince Hal in Henry IV Part 1 . As a playwright, he’s been seen everywhere: Orlando Shakespeare Theater, Boomerang Theatre Co., East 3rd Productions, Flux Theatre Ensemble, Oberon Theatre Ensemble, New Mummer Group, On the Square Productions, and Dreamscape Theatre. His new play RINO will appear in the 2012 Brick Theater’s Democracy Festival this summer, produced by Resonance Ensemble. AND he’s an Eagle Scout. More on Zack can be found at http://zackcalhoon.blogspot.com/

Mark has been a longtime member of the Boomerang extended family, and his work has been seen on stages across New York City. Some of his credits include productions of Polish Joke (Jasiu), Hack! (Bryan), All In the Timing (Various), Measure for Measure (Lucio), Talk to me like the Rain… (Man), Recent Tragic Events (Andrew), The Wedding Play (Mitch),  and Swim Shorts (Steve).  More information on Mark can be found at www.markmsouza.com

HAMLET performs Friday evenings at 7pm, Saturday and Sunday at 2pm from June 23rd thru July 15th in Central Park. The Parks Department is refurbishing Boomerang Rock this summer, so we’ll let you know exactly where we’ll be very soon.

Time to get excited!

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Thank you

Hello folks…been a while since you’ve seen a new post on here, mostly because we have been finishing up and recovering from our tremendously successful Rep Season at The Secret Theater in March. We have lots of new projects to talk about, but before we get too far removed, I want to say a very loud THANK YOU to a few people…

– Thank you to all of our talented actors who worked so hard to bring our three plays to vibrant life each night: Spencer Aste, Susan Atwood, Elizabeth Audley, Zack Calhoon, Eddie Carnevale, Jimmy Davis, Jon Dykstra, John Egan, Alex Engquist, Doug Giorgis, Kate Kenney, James Leighton, Jason Liebman, Synge Maher, Sevrin Mason, Mike Mraz, David Nelson, Amelia Pedlow, Ralph Petrarca, Maria Peyramaure, Aidan Redmond, Erik Sherr, Valerie Stanford, Jelena Stupljanin, Sara Thigpen, David Townsend, Sanford Wilson, and Scott Witebsky

-Thank you to three very talented directors: Cailin Heffernan, Daniel Talbott and Jeff Woodbridge

Thank you to Melissa Gawlowski, an exciting playwright and a terrific collaborator, for trusting us with SPRING TIDES

-Thank you to our outstanding design team: Kia Rogers, Nikki Black, Jay Spriggs, Joe Mathers, Sara Slagle, Evan Hill, Sam Gordon, Laura Duell and Cheryl McCarron

-No way you can produce without quality stage management…Thank you to our terrific team of Michelle Foster, Alicia Thompson, Bertie Michaels, Denise Cardarelli, Lauren Melrose and Ana Centeno

-Thank you to our partners in crime in the BFG: Gideon Productions and Flux Theatre Ensemble, for their support of these shows and all our work

-Shout outs to people who don’t get enough thank yous: Emily Owens, Stefano Imbert, Melissa Gawlowski, Philip Emeott, Joe Mathers, Marielle Duke, Christopher Thomasson, Isaiah Tannenbaum, Kate Kenney, Sara Thigpen and Sue Abbott.

-Thank you to our audiences, who braved the wilds of Long Island City to see our plays and tell us how much they liked them.

-Thank you to the staff of The Secret Theater, who made us feel at home and supported us in ways both large and small. They’re a terrific team.

-Thank you to the staff of The Colony Diner, American Hero, The Shannon Pot, and Brooks 1890. We came in often and you made us feel like part of the family. Thank you!

As we move on from these exceptional productions, we cast an eye toward the future and projects on the horizon…see next post : )

(Much Ado and Spring Tides photos by Isaiah Tannenbaum)

2011-2012 Season, Boom Artists, Indie Theatre Community, Rep Season

A few random questions for…Douglas B. Giorgis

Douglas B. Giorgis is appearing as Brodie in Boomerang’s production of THE REAL THING. Doug is a company member with Retro Productions, where he recently appeared in The Desk Set and Dear Ruth. Take a look at Doug’s answers to some random questions…

Full Name: Douglas B. Giorgis

Hometown: San Francisco

Tell us a little about Brodie.  Brodie definitely beats to the rhythm of a different drum.  Coming from a disadvantaged past, he wants to blaze his own path on his own terms while at the same time he is just a scared, gullible young man.  Hopefully this dichotomy, simultaneously, makes you dislike, fear and feel sorry for him.  

What is your favorite thing about working on The Real Thing?  I was excited to work on this project because, due to the nature of my character, most of my development can be done at home rather than in rehearsal, so I get to spend a lot of time at home with my 3 month old daughter while still doing a show.  However, I have come to discover how talented this cast is. I am always impressed by the work I see them doing in rehearsals.  It excites me when I get to work with such talented people. 

What’s your favorite place in New York City? Central Central Park, after a fresh snowfall. And I do mean the center of the park, where the paths turn to dirt and far fewer people venture. 

Inspired by NPR, can you give us your 6 word memoir: Patiently striving to accomplish more, now.

2011-2012 Season, Boom Artists, Indie Theatre Community, Rep Season

a few random questions for…Aidan Redmond

Aidan Redmond (center) in a scene from The Real Thing

Aidan Redmond is leading the cast of THE REAL THING, playing the role of Henry in Tom Stoppard’s award-winning play. Previously, Aidan starred in Boomerang’s production of Eugene O’Neill’s ANNA CHRISTIE, and has worked with both Irish Rep and The Mint Theater in recent years. Here are a few random questions, in anticipation of THE REAL THING opening tomorrow night at 8pm…

Full Name: Aidan Redmond

Home town: Dublin

Tell us a little about Henry. He’s a romantic who learns the real thing

What is your favorite thing about working on The Real Thing?  The language. 

What’s your favorite place in New York City?   The subway

In keeping with the spirit of playing a writer, can you give us your 6 word memoir:  Took the frosty path less travelled

2011-2012 Season, Boom Artists, Indie Theatre Community, Rep Season, Shakespeare

a few random questions for…Erik Sherr!

Erik Sherr with Sara Thigpen in Much Ado, Summer 2011

Erik Sherr returns to his role as Antonio in our wild production of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. In addition to acting, Erik is also a talented interior decorator. Check out Erik’s responses to a few random questions…

Full Name: Erik Michael Sherr

 Hometown: Wilmington, DE

Tell us a little about Antonio…how is your experience so far been different inside than outside this summer?  My Antonio is not a traditional one, mainly because I’m way too young to be playing him as he was written. I don’t think there’s any specific reference to his age, but the language Ursula uses to describe him makes it clear that he’s quite old. So we’ve cut those lines and made him younger and somewhat dashing rather than doddering. It changes the effect of his one big scene in which he lays into Claudio. Traditionally, it probably comes off as kind of comical and pathetic to see this old man threatening to whoop Claudio’s ass. He works himself into such a state of rage that he might start to flail and stumble ineffectually. I always imagine Don Ameche’s apoplectic rant at the end of Trading Places. My Antonio (I hope) actually is a bit threatening. While he still completely loses the elegant composure he strives to maintain, he drives his point home to Claudio and the Prince. In a house where there has been no matriarch for a long time, he has become this kind of mother hen to his nieces, and when one of them has had her life ruined by such a callous boy (albeit a soldier who is trained to kill), he is ready to throw down his gauntlet. It’s been very fulfilling to revisit him in a more intimate space. I found working in the park to be limiting. When you have to speak that loud and be that big physically, you lose a lot of nuance. You’re painting in really broad strokes and with a limited color palate. Inside I’ve been able to pull it back and discover a few things in the text that I hope give Antonio more depth.

What is your favorite thing about working on Much Ado?  My favorite thing about working on Much Ado is the amazing people I get to work with. They are full of light and generosity, and a reminder for me to be too.

What’s your favorite place in New York City?  My favorite place in New York City is the 3rd floor of Bergdorf Goodman Men.

Can you give us your 6 word memoir Born. Grew. A lot. What next?