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And now, a few words from Cailin Heffernan

I’ve asked various people who are working on the Rep season to contribute a blog post or two. We love introducing them to you, so that they feel like old friends a few weeks from now when you see them onstage. Here’s a post from our very own Cailin Heffernan, director of To Fool The Eye opening September 20th.


Cailin Heffernan (third from left) with her cast and director for Rock-n-Roles in March 2013
Cailin Heffernan (third from left) with her cast and director for Rock-n-Roles in March 2013

1)      What’s your previous experience been with Boomerang? Productions, readings, workshops?

I’ve been working happily and creatively collaborating with Boomerang for going on twelve years.  My first project was to direct the reading of Peter Shelburne’s Milk in February of 2002.  My first full production was the following season, Francis Kuzler’s The Substance of John AP Book:  Jack Kerouac in Fall of 2003.  Since then, I’ve directed seven more full productions in rotating rep:  Eugene O’Neill’s Beyond The Horizon; my own adaptation of John Dryden’s All For Love; O’Neill’s Anna Christie; Larry Kirwan’s The Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own; Tennessee Williams Summer and Smoke; Christopher Fry’s Venus Observed; and Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing.  Currently in production with my ninth full production – Jeffrey Hatcher’s To Fool The Eye (an adaptation of Jean Anouilh’s “Leocadia”).  Directed the First Flight readings of:  Terence Patrick Hughes’ Goodnight Sunshine; my own play with music Rebel Hearts; my own play Blooddrinker; JD Eames’ Do Geese See God; Colin McKenna’s Parking Lot, Lonely Hearts, Mike Folie’s Panama and the Aronson/Heffernan musical Loveless Texas in both a reading and a developmental workshop.  Directed two galas:  First Kisses by Jay Hanagan at the Lucille Lortel and Mary Jett Parsley’s Monster Tales at TACT.  Participated in my first “Rock N Roles” this 2013 season, where I wrote the playlet, “Saturday”.  I was both terrified and elated.  (Editor’s note: Wow, that’s a lot)

 2)      How is the rehearsal process going for your show?

Not to invite a kinne hora, but so far… so good.  I’ve having a great time at any rate.  I have a highly collaborative, open, intrepid and positive cast which lends a special pleasure to rehearsals.  I look forward to going daily to create with both old friends and new playmates.  Also, after spending so much time with Brit and Irish works in recent years, it’s fun to get back to France.

3)      What are you most looking forward to about your show?

Can’t wait to see how the romance balances with the satirical comedy and the ’30’s music.  Taking this challenging play…  an alternately word driven, then physicality driven work…  and present it to an intimate audience, well it’ll be a rather exciting rollercoaster.

To Fool The Eye runs September 20th-Oct 13th at TheaterLab. Tickets are available here.

2013 Season, Boom Artists, Boomerang 15, Indie Theatre Community, Rep Season, Rock and Roles

Meet our Candida

I’ve asked various people who are working on the Rep season to contribute a blog post or two. We love introducing them to you, so that they feel like old friends a few weeks from now when you see them onstage. Here’s a post from our very own Candida herself, Susan Atwood.


Hello. My name is Susan Atwood, and I am very excited to be playing Candida in Boomerang’s upcoming production of George Bernard Shaw’s classic, “Candida.” I had the pleasure of working with Boomerang for my first time last year, when I played the Meghan/Sister Bernardina in “Spring Tides.” I was also lucky enough to get to help out with Rock n’ Roles last March (FREEBIRD!!!).

I am originally from rural central New York State, and I graduated college with a BFA as a studio artist. I currently live in Brooklyn. Aside from being an actor, I do sometimes write, direct, and produce.

I am really looking forward to beginning work on “Candida” for a few reasons. First, to be very honest, it’s a rare treat to work on a published work that has withstood the test of time and is recognizable by name. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE new works and strongly believe in supporting new work – but when you have to explain most of your resume and it sounds like this:

“I played an Irish yogi who blew up a video store…”
“It was a show about a housewife recently plagued by an infestation of ghost-zombies, who are actually her husband’s murder victims…” or
“I played a medieval Spanish nun in body armor who appeared in dream sequences…”

It’s just nice to be able to let a role speak for itself. (Although… those listed above are some pretty kick-ass roles, and I wouldn’t trade them for the anything.)

Second, since I was an art major in school, I haven’t had as much hands-on experience with the classics, so this will be my first Shaw production. And I am just so happy to have the opportunity to grow as an actor and learn the work of such an iconic artist from the inside out. And of course the role itself is such a huge gift, too: A smart, funny woman with a couple of men fighting over her? Yes, please.

Last but not least, I am flattered to be invited back by of the most fun, supportive, talented, tight-knit, and professional groups I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

I will admit I’m nervous (that’s half the fun of theatre), but I know we’re all in good hands.

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New Submission Guidelines for FIRST FLIGHT

Hello Folks…Today, we are releasing new submission guidelines for Boomerang Theatre Company and our FIRST FLIGHT festival. We are posting them below. They will also be posted on our “Submit a Play” page later this week. Hopefully this clears up some of the questions people have about sending us their work, and also reduces the amount of paper we receive. Questions, feel free to send them to us. Thanks!

Boomerang Theatre Company welcomes submission of new plays to our FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival.bigstock-Female-hands-typing-on-a-lapto-26972300

FIRST FLIGHT provides rehearsal space, casting assistance and a public presentation to plays in development. We are especially interested in plays that deal with modern issues and questions, use theatricality in their presentation, and have a creative use of language. Submissions are not limited by subject matter, cast size, cast breakdown or setting requirements.

Each year, Boomerang has an open submission window from Aug 1st to Sept 15th in which to receive unsolicited script samples and materials. Please note: We now only accept submissions during this window. Submitting at other times will not be logged and read.

Unfortunately, FIRST FLIGHT is not a showcase in New York City for fully finished plays looking for production. No productions are guaranteed from participation in FF and there is no competition to win the festival.

Please submit 1) your resume, 2) a cover letter, 3) a synopsis of your play, and 4) a 10 page sample of the play. Note: this does not have to be the first 10 pages; merely the 10 pages that best represent the play and your writing.

Boomerang is no longer accepting submissions in hard copy. Please send materials electronically only.

Please submit materials to:
The Boomerang Theatre Company
Questions can be directed to info@boomerangtheatre.org

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The 100 HAMILTONS campaign returns!

We need your support for our 100 HAMILTONS campaign

 “I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.”–Oscar Wilde

Boomerang has had an amazing year already in 2013, and it is about to get even better. We are celebrating our 15th Anniversary Season of making immediate, vital theatre here in New York, and we have celebrated this milestone with a hugely successful production of Shakespeare’s RICHARD III outside in June and July. Up next is our iconic three play Repertory Season opening September 14th, which we know you are going to love. We now ask you to support the Rep and our Anniversary thru 100 HAMILTONS.

100 HAMILTONS is our once-a-year, two week campaign to get 100 donations of $10 each (aka “a Hamilton”) for a grand spankin’ total of $1000. Each donation goes directly to funding our 2013 season. It’s a great way to do a lot, by giving a little.

bigstock-Ten-Dollar-Bill-1288563bigstock_Donate_7197835 2

Once again this year there are three options for giving your Hamiltons…

1) The usual super way…$10 or more one time, all going towards our 100 Hamiltons goal. Reward: Good feeling, eternal gratitude, tax deduction. To make a donation, click here.

2) The new and improved Rock Star method…$10 or more a month, recurring every month for the next year! Reward: Also eternal gratitude et al, a hug from the Boomerang staff member of your choice, and your choice of Boomerang Baseball Cap or T-shirt. To make a donation, click here and click the “Recurring Donation” button.

3) And of course you can always send a check for any amount to Boomerang Theatre, P.O. Box 2307166 Ansonia Station, NYC 10023

Boomerang's RICHARD III photo 1
Philip Emeott and Nathan C. Crocker from Boomerang’s RICHARD III
(Photo by Isaiah Tanenbaum)

The 100 HAMILTONS campaign only lasts until August 30th, so please donate today.  We will keep you updated on the progress of the campaign as we move closer to 100 Hamiltons.

Every donation helps, and we appreciate all you do to keep Indie Theatre alive in New York City! Thank you!

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Getting Over The Hump

Philip Emeott, director and star of Boomerang’s RICHARD III, wrote about his experiences with the famous crookback.


Tim asked me to jot down my thoughts on directing and playing Richard III in the park.Philip

My first thought: Cutting Richard III down to a manageable park show was like trying to
make a hotrod out of an aircraft carrier. Start with the fact that it’s just freaking long.
Uncut, the show runs over three and a half hours. Sitting on a picnic blanket for that long
isn’t at the top of most people’s bucket lists. The problem with cutting Richard under two
and a half hours is, as Olivier observed, that you run the risk of having only loose ends.
So you have to cut wholesale whenever possible, and get creative. There are a few lines
in there that are more a Emeott than Shakespeare. And lots of characters hit the cutting
room floor. A partial list:

Marquis of Dorset
Duke of Norfolk
Earl of Surrey
All but two of the kids
Biggs Darklighter
Pre-CGI Jabba the Hutt
The Professor
Mary Ann

And with a cast of 20 awesome actors we still scrambled to cover the action. We may be9136828809_b3ab9170d4_z
the only production in which Lady Anne comes back as a soldier to fight against Richard.
But that’s all part of the fun!

My second thought: Choosing to both direct and play Richard was either crazy or
brilliant. Crazilliant.

It allowed me to take a stab at one of the greatest roles in the canon, while also deciding
what everyone else had to do and wear. What could be more Richard-like than that? But
directing while acting can be tricky. Richard can’t walk around writing notes all the time
(note to self: make that a “thing” next time). So I was fortunate to have the Charlie’s
Angels of directing staff: Sara Thigpen, Sarah Norris and Christina Ashby. They did most
of the crime-fighting. The cast deserves a ton of credit for going with the flow.

Playing Richard has been a real juggling act of moustache-twirling villainy, petulant
childishness, vulnerable self-discovery, Dickensian self-editorializing and, I don’t know,
the Elephant Man? The process has been interesting. I’m glad we left the mustache
twirling until the end of the process. You can’t do the role without it, but it can definitely
be a slippery slope. Glad we started with the underpinnings, not the melodrama.

Physically, the part is more like an athletic pursuit than a creative one, complete with
padding and armor. Who knew you could sweat so much just by limping around and
shouting at people? Lost a couple inches off my waistline doing this one. Next time can
we do the show before swimsuit season, Tim?

It’s been a real treat to utter words that are just so famous. You open the role with, “now
is the winter…” and close with “a horse, a horse…” (Take that, Hamlet.) Finding
newness and humanity in those words is a great way to spend a summer. Another great
way is to spend it surrounded by talented people who are there to sweat it out with you,
just for the sake of art and fun. To the cast, crew, staff and supporters: thanks for
following the hunch.

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Talking more about RICHARD

Thank you to everyone who has come to the park these last few weeks to see our production of RICHARD III. Just a reminder—Final performances are this weekend July 13th and 14th at 2pm.

We’re extremely proud of the work, and so glad we got to share it with you. In this post, I’m going to include a few more pics from Richard, and talk a little bit more about what we tried to accomplish with the show.

We had very distinct ideas about what we wanted RICHARD III to be, especially as it kicked off our 15th Anniversary Season. We knew we wanted it to feel bigger than previous years, as epic in scale as we could physically carry into the park everyday.  

Why big? Because we are celebrating 15 years, and we wanted to remind you that you were seeing something special, something unique, and something that was the culmination of all we had learned and developed. But as the Artistic Director, I also wanted to remind you of our capacity.

Capacity. How much weight we can carry. How strong we are. “Go to the carnival, swing the big hammer and ring the bell” kind of strong.

We want to set a tone for Indie Theatre, reminding everyone that the highest quality work in this country can be done in the smallest or weirdest of spaces. You don’t need to spend $600 on Matilda to see the best, the best can be right in front of you, in your park or your library or your temple. And we wanted to re-assert our specific place in this world, reminding folks that when they support Boomerang during 100 Hamiltons or by putting donations in a bucket or by buying a ticket, that this…THIS is who we are. Fearless to the point of stupidity, astute, grand and badass. Big.

15 years old. Buckle up.

Now, some pics:

r3 Edward & HastingsIsaiah richard 3More Richard 2Richard Isaiah 2richard Isaiah 4

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Announcing our 2013 Fall Rep Season

With our excellent RICHARD III now running in Central Park, we can begin to talk about the next productions in our 15th Anniversary season.

Boomerang’s next three productions, as always, will be in rotating rep…

The World Premiere ofLickspittles art
by Johnna Adams
Directed by John Hurley
Three extraneous Danish court officials: a professional loud mouth (the buttonholer), a kiss ass for hire (the lickspittle) and a successful dastard (the go-between) are tossed out of court just as Denmark’s merchant fleet becomes of strategic importance in the Napoleonic war. The three men journey to France and meet Napoleon’s top lickspittle, buttonholer and go-between, their female counterparts. Plots abound, flying machines are destroyed and the head of Marie Antoinette is discovered during the madcap struggle to save Copenhagen from British howitzers. In a rhyming, metered world, the offbeat rules.

An intimate revival ofCandida art
by George Bernard Shaw
Directed by Tim Errickson
Young sensitive artist and poet Eugene Marchbanks’ ardent attentions towards Candida sow seeds of self-doubt within the heart of her self-indulgent pastor husband, the Reverend James Mavor Morell. Caught between loyalty and passion, it is Candida, Shaw’s New Woman, who shows both “her boys” basic truths about themselves.

and the New York Premiere of
TO FOOL THE EYEMysterious woman
by Jeffrey Hatcher
Directed by Cailin Heffernan
Amanda, a poor hat maker from Paris, is invited to a chateau by an eccentric duchess to spend a weekend trying to make her suicidal nephew, Albert, forget about the death of his great love, the divine Leocadia. Amanda, it turns out, is a dead ringer for the dead woman, and if she can convince Albert that she is his lost love for just three days, then Albert just might not kill himself.

Look for more details on these three plays, plus the rest of our 15th Anniversary Season, in the new few weeks.
Thanks! We’ll see you at RICHARD III in the parks.

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Opening Weekend of RICHARD III…let’s hear what you thought!

r3 instagramsHi Folks…

Thanks so much to all who came out to experience RICHARD III on our opening weekend. As you all know, R3 kicks off our 15th Anniversary season, so we’re extremely proud of it. We certainly had our challenges between heat and noise, but we’re really excited about how the two performances went. What did you think? We’d love to hear from you about what you thought worked well and what you thought didn’t connect quite as strongly.

Please enter those thoughts here in the comments section rather than social media, so that we can keep them discreet from those who might not want to get feedback just yet.

Thank you very much! Here is a pic from opening weekend! (with a little Instagram magic done to it).

(Photo: (l to r) Susan Kirby, Philip Emeott, Michael Russnik (holding flag), Matthew Mezzacappa, Sharina Martin, David O’Hara, James T. Ware (blocked) and Michael Lawrence Eisenstein)

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Meet Boomerang’s first ever Audience Development Intern: Ariel Weitz

Hey folks…introducing Ariel Weitz, our new Audience Development Intern. This is something new we are trying, and something I feel is going to help us tremendously in Central Park this summer. So take a look at Ariel’s intro…as you can see, she’s not shy… –Tim


Waddup Boomerang Crew!!!

I’m Ariel Weitz, the new Audience Development Intern for Boomerang Theater Company this summer. And yes, I was named after Ariel the little mermaid; it was my parents favorite Disney movie. I am super dee dooper excited to have involvement with Richard III this summer.

Let me start by saying that I am a theater geek, and I am proud of it. On and off from 5th grade to my senior year in high school, I have been a performer. Acting, singing, dancing; you name it, I did it! From being an out of this world Maria Gonzales in a camp production of Smile, to being Ms. Hannigan at my local community theater’s production of Annie, my list of roles I have performed are no doubt pretty whacky.

When I entered college I decided to put performing on hold and focus on my writing, in particular my playwriting. In high school, I managed to write small scenes in my spare time but I couldn’t really focus on it because my life was basically performing.

Life can work in miraculous and incredibly strange ways! And in just two years of college I have to become a very passionate person who has a dream of writing plays and musical for Broadway. I have managed to write a bunch of one acts, and one of them selected to be apart of the Hampshire College New Play Festival. Also, on the side, I love stage-managing, as most of my time at school has been assistant stage managing student productions.  Life keeps changing for me as I am transferring to the University of Vermont this fall.

This summer is going to rock! I am looking forward to getting much writing and reading done, taking numerous dips in the pool, and maybe going on a road trip or two, who the heck knows? But words cannot describe just how excited I am to be apart of this family. I can’t wait to learn and grow in ways I probably never knew I could because of my involvement with this wild Shakespeare show.

Like I said, it’s going to be one heck of a summer!

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8 days of RICHARD

Well, it finally stopped raining for a day. Outdoor Shakespeare productions are at the mercy of rain clouds and humidity more than we’d like to admit sometimes.

Philip Emeott as Richard
Philip Emeott as Richard

(Ironically, we’re producting Jamie Pachino’s WAVING GOODBYE in 2014, and it needs rain onstage, so we’re going to spend the next 6 months figuring that out; Richard III, on the other hand, needs no rain, and that’s all we’re getting. Figures)

We are at the part of the process where lines are learned, scenes are starting to be run in sequence (all of act 4, for example), and THINGS begin to show up…broad swords, costumes, folding chairs, flags, walkie talkies. these things are a sure sign that we are in the last days of rehearsal. In this case, 8 days before we open.

Of those 8 days, 2 will be off days. The cast needs rest, the designers need time to finish things, and producers need time to finish off press requests and marketing. So that leaves us with a tremendous amount to do in SIX days in the park. Assuming Mother Nature is on our side.

One of the most interesting things to me about these upcoming 8 days will be the weaving together of all the disparate parts. And there are lots of them. RICHARD III is by far our biggest and most sophisticated outdoor production to date (surpassing 2011’s MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING by a slim margin), and includes music directors, musicians, props artisans, the aforementioned broadswords, armor, tents, a dumb show and more. Right now, all of these things are in their separate boxes, newly minted. These 8 days are when we get to pull all of our toys out and play with them together. I liken it to finally getting to put the tie with the shirt with the suit with the shoes with the belt. We think it’s going to look great, and we’re excited to spend the next 8 days tailoring everything for a perfect fit.

RICHARD III open June 22nd in Central Park at The Boomerang Rock. More information is here.