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Richard III begins!

Folks, we are super excited for next week. Yes, because the weather is getting better here in NY. Yes, because we are getting close to the beginning of summer affectionately known as Memorial Day Weekend. But for the crazy folks here at Boomerang Theatre Company, next week means the beginning of our relationship with villain extraordinaire Richard of York.


Richard III is directed by Philip Emeott, one of the most talented directors working in Indie Theater. He’s directed some of the most vibrant shows we’ve done in our history, including his still-talked-about Midsummer Night’s Dream, King Lear and Dangerous Corner. Philip is a guy who’s obsessive in the best possible ways. I jokingly say that his process is “deep dive”, meaning he lives and breathes and eats and sleeps the play he’s working on. You can talk to Philip about current events, television season finales, the weather, whatever…but his brain is spinning with plot details and casting and motivations and designs. To say I am really excited about working with him on Richard III is an understatement.

In addition to directing the show, Philip is also going to be playing the lead role of Richard. This marks the first time since our first seasons in 1999 and 2000 that a director has appeared in a show they are directing as well. Why, you may ask? Because it’s super hard to do. None of our previous actor/directors ever played the lead in their show. But Philip’s specific talents of letting a show “inhabit” him makes him the perfect guy to attempt this feat. And many forget that Philip has many acting awards and nominations on his shelf from his time before directing, including a New York Innovative Theatre Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor.

As we put together our 15th Anniversary season in 2013, we wanted to challenge our people to reach for GREAT things, and in turn present for our audiences exciting and “go for broke” theatre. With Philip directing and starring in Richard III, we are kicking off the summer in spectacular style. I cannot wait until next week.

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Indie Theatre Week is almost here!

Hello folks…With our beloved MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING closed (for now?), it’s time to start thinking about INDIE THEATRE WEEK! This year, ITW runs a little longer than previous years, from July 23rd-August 1st.

July 23rd we kick things off with the 3rd Annual Indie Theatre Midsummer Classic, a fun pickup softball game in Central Park pitting your favorite Indie Theatre superstars against one another for glory, bragging rights, and who will buy drinks afterwards. Previous years have seen the likes of Akia, Crystal Skillman, John Hurley, Jason Loughlin, Neal Freeman, Eric Bland, Lowell Byers, Ike Rathbone, Alisha “The Solution” Spielmann, Jeanne Travis, Cass Lollar, Jason Vinoles, Aaron “The Big Horse” Simms and many more. As always, the “coaches” for the event are yours truly Tim Errickson and the master strategist himself, Mike Criscuolo.

The Indie Theatre Midsummer Classic will be Sat July 23rd at 1pm in Central Park (Hecksher ball fields at 65th Street, on the West side). The game is sponsored by The Community Dish, The Innovative Theatre Foundation, The League of Independent Theatre and United Stages. Afterparty is at Malachy’s on 72nd and Columbus beginning at 3:30pm.

Boomerang will also be hosting a “Life Offstage” podcast for Indie Theatre Week with the lovely Susan Louise O’Connor, an Indie theatre superstar who continues to split her time between regional theatre, commercial theatre, and Indie work. Very excited to have her on the pod.

Closing out ITW will be the New York Innovative Theatre Awards Nomination Party on Monday August 1st. The party is always a major event, where you see tons of people you haven’t seen in a while, hoot and holler for people who’ve been nominated, show off your tan lines, and drink. The party will be held at the historic Off-Off-Broadway Venue Demo Hall / Carmine St. Center at Our Lady of Pompeii Church located at 25 Carmine Street (corner of Bleecker). $10 cover gets you an open bar, and unlimited fun.

In addition these three, the rest of the week will be filled with mixers, tweets, blog and vlog posts asking “Why Indie Theatre?”, interviews with people working on current shows and past hits, and more. Make sure you come celebrate the community of artists you love by partaking in all Indie Theatre Week has to offer.