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Go See A Show podcast with the cast of THE RECKLESS SEASON

Folks, the amazingly talented cast of THE RECKLESS SEASON sat down with Robert Gonyo on Friday night post performance for a chat about all things Reckless. Take a listen…


And don’t miss this wonderful show! Tickets are still available (for now) but won’t be for very much longer. Grab yours today!

The Reckless Season (photo by Isaiah Tanenbaum)



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New Podcast series: Boomerang 15

Hello folks…in honor of our 15th Anniversary season, Boomerang will present a special podcast series called Boomerangbigstock-Vintage-microphone-with-dark-b-14086889 15. In the series, we’ll talk to influential people from our company’s history and discuss about their time working with us, the projects they loved, and what they’re doing now. We’re really excited to see some old friends, honor those who’ve made a difference, and share their thoughts and memories with you.

Boomerang 15 will debut in Spring 2013. Episodes will be released throughout the season.

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Life Offstage is on the air!

Episode 6 of Life Offstage is now available. In this episode, Tim and Christopher are reunited… and it feels so good!  Listen to their Great Midwestern Reunion Adventure and you can find out how to make a proper Chicago dog.  Come check it out here!

As if that is not enough, this is only part one of their adventure.  Check back next week for Episode 6.2 and hear what happens after Des Moines!?!?  you won’t want to miss it.

Now that we are back in the same city, the podcasts are going to becoming fast and furious.  We would love to know what you want to hear.  If you have suggestions for topics, guests or just want to send us a really tough “eff,marry, kill”  Send it to lifeoffstage@gmail.com or tweet us at @lifeoffstage.  Thanks for listenin’

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Looking for a super sexy reason to give a few Hamiltons? Read on, my friend…Read on.

We’ve passed the half way point in the 100 Hamiltons campaign! We are getting closer and closer to our goal, and we have only our generous donors to thank. From all of us here at Boomerang World Headquarters…Thank you!

But we are not done yet!

Today we have a really juicy incentive for you…anyone who makes a recurring donation today (Tuesday, August 23rd) of $10 or more per month for one year will be entered into a random drawing to be a guest on a LIFE OFFSTAGE podcast!


LIFE OFFSTAGE is Boomerang Theatre Company’s popular podcast series discussing the life in Indie theatre. It is by turns irreverent, silly, profane, thoughtful, and always entertaining. Previous podcasts have featured guests Sara Thigpen (Beatrice in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING), Nate Miller (Benedick in MUCH ADO), and Carrie Brewer (the loveliest badass fight director working today). And one of the next guests could be YOU! 

You don’t need to be a performer or even in the entertainment industry to be a guest on LIFE OFFSTAGE. Come by, hoist a beverage, and shoot the breeze!

This year there are two options for giving your Hamiltons…

1) The usual super way…$10 or more one time, all going towards our 100 Hamiltons goal. Reward: Good feeling, eternal gratitude, tax deduction. To make a donation, click here.

2) The new and improved “Rock Star” method (and the one that makes your eligible to be a guest on LIFE OFFSTAGE)…$10 or more a month, recurring every month for the next year! Reward: Also eternal gratitude et al, a hug from the Boomerang staff member of your choice, and your choice of Boomerang Baseball Cap or T-shirt. To make a donation, click here and click the “Recurring Donation” button.



100 HAMILTONS is our once-a-year, two-week campaign to get 100 donations of $10 each (aka “a Hamilton”) for a grand spankin’ total of $1000. Each donation goes directly to funding our 2011-2012 season. This influx of cash does great things for our company at this time of the year, as we get ready for Rock-n-Roles in October, FIRST FLIGHT in November, and our Repertory Season in February. It is a great way to do a lot, by giving a little.


The 100 HAMILTONS campaign only lasts until August 29th, so please donate today. We will keep you update on the progress of the campaign as we move closer to 100 Hamiltons.

Thank you so much for all your support and generosity!

Upcoming projects…

FIRST FLIGHT Festival of New Plays!
November 16th-20th, 2011.
Here’s a sneak peek at two of the plays included in this year’s festival…

Dan comes home to the Brooklyn neighborhood of his youth with a mission: to stop his best friend Ricky from destroying himself.  Ricky thinks he’s the prince of the block, despite a looming debt and a creeping sense of danger all around. Pride, love, lust, and memory challenge whether either of them can outrun the fate coming to them.

THE PREDICTION by Michael DeVito
It’s 1935. A family of German Jews has escaped Nazi Germany on board a freighter bound for Cuba. Officially denied entry, a father and son must finally confront their differences before they can make the most important decision of their lives: return home and take their chances, or try to navigate the dangerous underworld of Havana. It’s impossible to know the future.

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Life Offstage – Episode 5 is on the air!

Episode 5 of Life Offstage is now available. In this episode, Tim is joined by Carrie Brewer, Boomerang Theatre’s resident fight director. Listen in and hear all about Carrie’s history with Boomerang and as fight director extraordinaire!

Come check it out here!

As always, please send your questions, personal, theatre-related, or otherwise, to lifeoffstage@gmail.com and we will answer as many as we can.

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Life Offstage questions

Folks…tonight we record our first ever Skype podcast with Christopher in Wisconsin. While he’s on one end, I and our special guest Carrie Brewer will be battling the heat in the Big Apple, and we’ll all connect via internet magic. Carrie is leaving us for the great state of California at the end of the month, so we wanted to make sure we got to chat with her about her life, loves, shows, and why she has never had a torrid affair with either myself or Christopher (I’m imagining common sense is the answer there).

We’re also looking for audience questions and feedback. Anything you want to know from the Life Offstage team of Big Sexy and Lil Texy? Questions about Boomerang, Much Ado, or upcoming projects? Or perhaps burning question for Carrie Brewer? (Carrie often recommends to us that if it’s burning, see a doctor right away).

Shoot us your questions/comments/solicitations for advice/indecent proposals at lifeoffstage@gmail.com.

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Indie Theatre Week is almost here!

Hello folks…With our beloved MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING closed (for now?), it’s time to start thinking about INDIE THEATRE WEEK! This year, ITW runs a little longer than previous years, from July 23rd-August 1st.

July 23rd we kick things off with the 3rd Annual Indie Theatre Midsummer Classic, a fun pickup softball game in Central Park pitting your favorite Indie Theatre superstars against one another for glory, bragging rights, and who will buy drinks afterwards. Previous years have seen the likes of Akia, Crystal Skillman, John Hurley, Jason Loughlin, Neal Freeman, Eric Bland, Lowell Byers, Ike Rathbone, Alisha “The Solution” Spielmann, Jeanne Travis, Cass Lollar, Jason Vinoles, Aaron “The Big Horse” Simms and many more. As always, the “coaches” for the event are yours truly Tim Errickson and the master strategist himself, Mike Criscuolo.

The Indie Theatre Midsummer Classic will be Sat July 23rd at 1pm in Central Park (Hecksher ball fields at 65th Street, on the West side). The game is sponsored by The Community Dish, The Innovative Theatre Foundation, The League of Independent Theatre and United Stages. Afterparty is at Malachy’s on 72nd and Columbus beginning at 3:30pm.

Boomerang will also be hosting a “Life Offstage” podcast for Indie Theatre Week with the lovely Susan Louise O’Connor, an Indie theatre superstar who continues to split her time between regional theatre, commercial theatre, and Indie work. Very excited to have her on the pod.

Closing out ITW will be the New York Innovative Theatre Awards Nomination Party on Monday August 1st. The party is always a major event, where you see tons of people you haven’t seen in a while, hoot and holler for people who’ve been nominated, show off your tan lines, and drink. The party will be held at the historic Off-Off-Broadway Venue Demo Hall / Carmine St. Center at Our Lady of Pompeii Church located at 25 Carmine Street (corner of Bleecker). $10 cover gets you an open bar, and unlimited fun.

In addition these three, the rest of the week will be filled with mixers, tweets, blog and vlog posts asking “Why Indie Theatre?”, interviews with people working on current shows and past hits, and more. Make sure you come celebrate the community of artists you love by partaking in all Indie Theatre Week has to offer.

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The Week Between…

Week 2 of Much Ado went very well, better in some aspects than Week 1. Due to weather, we did not fully tech in the space prior to opening, so calling of cues and the amount of time entrances take (some covering healthy distances) were still being set when we had our first audiences. With those transitions moving much smoother, the show actually trimmed a few minutes, and kept the actions flowing.

Our constant nemesis the weather threatened all weekend, but proved more bark than bite. When this happens, audiences become a little wary of coming to the park for fear they will get showered on with very little surrounding cover. But our loyal audience came out for both shows, and what they missed in sunshine, they were rewarded in energy and intimacy of performance. Thanks to all who made it out.

So what happens now? Well, this is the week in between — the week during each outdoor run in which the July 4th holiday weekend falls. The NYC Parks Department does not grant special event permits for the holiday weekend, so we skip a weekend and add an extra rehearsal or two the following week before the next performance.

It often serves as a good mental break as well. The cast and crew of Much Ado have essentially given up the first two months of the summer for the show (May 22-July 17th, with rehearsal considered), so having a weekend where they can sleep in, or go out-of-town, or go to Coney Island and ride the Cyclone is great for morale.

We’ll be doing a few extra things this week to prep for the upcoming final weekends of the run, including a bar fundraiser on July 10th (more details to follow), a fun “Life Offstage”  podcast with Nate Miller who is playing Benedick, and more pics and info. I’m also working on two special projects, detailing the backstage workings of our Shakespeare productions. Should be fun times.

Thanks again for supporting the show.

PS: In the meantime, since you aren’t seeing a Boomerang show this weekend…

1)  Check out our friends in the Comic Book Festival at The Brick, especially upcoming performances of Action Philosophers, Mrs. Perfect!   and GALACTIC GIRL! (Hell, check out anything you can, it’s bound to be good).

2) ENDLESS SUMMER NIGHTS (by yours truly, directed by Christopher Thomasson) premiered with Boomerang in Fall 2010, and has now been published by New York Theatre Experience. The release party is tomorrow night (June 29th) at Judson Memorial Church beginning at 7pm. It’s a free event, please join us! The original cast will be performing a selection from the show.

3) And finally, the team at Horse Trade Theatre Group needs your help to keep from losing one of their theater spaces. Check out the info here.