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New and improved us!

Hello all…We’re very excited to see Spring recently (although the recent snows and rains make it feel a little undecided still), and with that I wanted to reach out and talk about Boomerang’s 2016 and 2017 Season programming, which will be different from years past.

First, a little context: We’ve been programming the same way nearly since our inception in 1999. We produce Shakespeare plays outdoors, a rotating rep indoors, and a new play development festival. These three programs have been terrific for us, allowing us to work with tremendous artists and introducing us to so many people. But as we approach our 20th Anniversary season in 2018, we’re thinking about new ways to produce work, and new ways to serve both artists and audiences.

This refection couples along with the fact that a number of plays or projects we’ve developed have not reached any audiences yet. Internally, we talk about this “back log” all the time, plays that are SO good, can you believe no one has produced this yet, or projects that need the last bit of time and effort before debuting for the world. We often let these projects go if they didn’t fit into one of our three programs.

But no longer.

Our 2016 and 2017 season will be spent doing three things:

  1. Taking on these projects that inspire us creatively, getting them onstage rather than withering on the page. If they fit in as an outdoor show or a rep show, great. If not, we’re doing them anyway.
  2. We’re going to explore how technology can be used to extend the audience for the shows we’re producing. Does a show close with us and then move to become an indie film? Does it get adapted to webisodes? We want each project to have those opportunities, both to share the work with more people and also to support artists’ careers and exposure.
  3. We’re going to solve the question of space going forward. We have been itinerant since the closing of CenterStageNY, and whether we build a space or partner with an existing one, we’re going to find a home that we can support and that can support us.

Ok, but what does this all mean?

Our first project in this 2016/2017/2018 initiative will be LOVELESS TEXAS, a terrific new musical based on Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost. Boomerang Associate Artistic Director Cailin Heffernan and composer Henry Aronson have been working with us on this project for nearly a decade, and we are delighted to support this show to its premiere. We’ll be doing a workshop of new material in May, and looking for a full production in late 2016 or early 2017.

All of our efforts will go into LOVELESS, and as a result we will not be producing a Shakespeare play this summer. We’ll be back in 2017.

Following LOVELESS, we have a short list of plays we are going to produce in 2017/2018. They include THE RECKLESS SEASON by Lauren Ferebee, my own play WARM ROSES, and Eric Overmyer’s THE HELIOTROPE BOUQUET BY SCOTT JOPLIN AND LOUIS CHAUVIN. And there are more as well. We are also going to resume efforts to bring Jamie Pachino’s WAVING GOODBYE to our company. We’ve been very close before on that one, and it’s a labor of love for me. With any luck, it’ll be the signature production of our 20th anniversary season in our new artistic home.

In addition to all of this, we will still continue to present the FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival and our incredible ROCK-N-ROLES events. We love our community and want everyone to join us in creating new work and new experiences.

If you feel like you want to make a donation to support these efforts you can do that here. And you can visit our website here to keep up on all these developments.

That’s it for now, sorry for the long post. We love you all and appreciate all the affection you’ve shown our little company for 18 years.



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Every Inch a King…

We learned today that a member of the Boomerang extended family passed away last week after a long and heroic battle with multiple myeloma (cancer of the plasma cells).

Bill Fairbairn was a long time actor and collaborator with us on a number of Boomerang projects, beginning in 2002 when he joined the ensemble of Craig Lucas’s PRELUDE TO A KISS at The Actor’s Playground. Following that, he played the Lear in our 2006 park production of KING LEAR. His Lear was another turning point for us as a company, as Bill challenged us to be better as an organization and as artists.

Bill as Lear in KING LEAR (2006)

He was an ardent supporter of our work, and generously opened his home in Tribeca many times for gatherings and cast parties. In addition to Boomerang, Bill worked at Jean Cocteau Rep, Oberon Theatre Ensemble, Actor’s Shakespeare Company and many others.

Bill with John Dalmon, Kate Sandberg, Justin R.G. Holcomb and Beth Ann Hopkins (on ground) in KING LEAR (2006)

We join Bill’s family in mourning his passing, and in recognizing his extraordinary life. He celebrated his 80th birthday in 2015, and was said to be as dashing and charming as ever. Bill passed away surrounded by his family on Sunday January 10th, 2016.

Cast photo of PRELUDE TO A KISS (2002)

A memorial service here in NYC will be held in April 2016 for his friends and family to pay their respects. Charitable donations in lieu of flowers are being set up by his family, and we’ll pass all this information along as we receive it.

In performance pic taken by a prop camera onstage during PRELUDE TO A KISS (2002)
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Johnna Adams’ masterpiece makes a return!

We’re raising money thru our IndieGoGo campaign for our Fall and Winter programming. In addition to Waving Goodbye, the other full production in this season is Johnna Adams’ LICKSPITTLES, BUTTONHOLERS AND DAMNED PERNICIOUS GO-BETWEENS. Boomerang produced “Lickspittles…” in 2013 as part of our last rep season, and response could not have been more clear: We need to see more of this play! So we are remounting it in rotating rep with Waving Goodbye (“Givin’ the People…Give the People what the Want!”).

What makes “Lickspittles…” special? There are so many things. First, it’s a story totally written in various forms of verse, from rhyming couplets to limericks to sestinas to free verse. It’s an amazing piece of writing. When Associate Artistic Director John Hurley got hold of it, he made it into a remarkable evening in the theatre. Three nutty Danish court officials try to save Denmark from destruction by going to France and thwarting Napoleon, but happen to meet their equals in the female court officials from France. Love, loss, history, lust, pride and most of all laughter are the DNA of this play, so much so that we knew we had to revisit it.

Part of our mission is to develop new work. Once developed, the other side of our mission kicks in: the provide the brightest spotlight we can for this work, making sure that audiences get as much access to it as possible. Hundreds have people have seen the show so far, our goal now is to get thousands of people to see it. This play is too dynamic to be shuttered away.

We still need your help to make this a reality. Please make a donation to our campaign to help bring LICKSPITTLES, BUTTONHOLERS AND DAMNED PERNICIOUS GO-BETWEENS back this Winter. Everyone who donates $25 gets complimentary tickets to both of these plays in our rep.

Join our team, support the cause, and be a part of all the love and laughter.

You can make a donation here. 


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Boomerang’s Fall and Winter Season!

We’re extremely proud to announce our next slate of projects. Are you ready?

The 12th Annual FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival
November 19th-23rd, 2014
at ART/NY, 520 8th Avenue
One of Indie Theatre’s premiere new play development fesitvals is back! Brand new plays by some of Indie Theatre’s favorite writers, showing works in progress that are funny, moving, lyrical and wild. Recent festivals have included work by Adam Kraar, James Comtois, Tim Errickson, Crystal Skillman, Larry Kunofsky, Zack Calhoon, Susan Ferrarra, Shelley McPherson and more.

2015 Rep Season
Winter 2015… 

lbdpgbLickspittles, Buttonholers and Damned Pernicious Go-Betweens
by Johnna Adams
Directed by John Hurley
Boomerang’s 2013 hit comedy return for an extended run! More laughs, more rhymes, more silliness. And even more french accents!

Three extraneous Danish court officials: a professional loud mouth (the buttonholer), a kiss ass for hire (the lickspittle) and a successful dastard (the go-between) are tossed out of court just as Denmark’s merchant fleet becomes of strategic importance in the Napoleonic war. The three men journey to France and meet Napoleon’s top lickspittle, buttonholer and go-between, their female counterparts. Plots abound, flying machines are destroyed and the head of Marie Antoinette is discovered during the madcap struggle to save Copenhagen from British howitzers. The main characters speak in rhyming alexandrine verse, while a host of supporting characters converse in sestinas, haiku, free verse, limericks and sonnets. In a rhyming, metered world, the offbeat rules.

in rotating rep with…

The New York Premiere ofbigstock--mm-Negative-film-59472878 4
Waving Goodbye
by Jamie Pachino
Directed by Jordana Williams
Waving Goodbye is the story of Lily Blue, a 17-year-old photographer who loses her father in a mountain climbing accident, and must spend her 17th year with the mother who abandoned her. It’s also a story of loss, grief, change, making art, wishing things were different, being stalled, finding love, not turning into your mother, and those irrevocable moments after which nothing is ever the same.

Would you like to make a donation to support these projects? We value your financial support now more than ever.
Thank you in advance!


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Cailin Heffernan and John Hurley will join the Boomerang staff

We’re really pleased to announce that Cailin Heffernan and John Hurley will be joining Boomerang as Associate Artistic Directors. Both have a long history with the company, and we’re very excited about working with them on future projects.

Cailin Heffernan made her Boomerang debut in 2003 with the world premiere production of Frank Kuzler’s THE SUBSTANCE OF JOHN. She’s directed 9 full productions in our indoor rep seasons, plus numerous readings and workshops (including her own musical LOVELESS, TEXAS). She’ll be making her Boomerang Shakespeare debut with us in a few months when she directs LOVE’S LABOUR’S LOST in Bryant Park in August, with Jason Loughlin, Sara Thigpen, Carsey Walker Jr, Jared Reinmuth, Timothy Hull and Natalie Roy leading the cast of 16.

John Hurley has directed 3 full productions for us, including last season’s hit LICKSPITTLES, BUTTONHOLERS AND DAMNED PERNICIOUS GO-BETWEENS at TheatreLab. He’s also directed numerous readings and workshops, most recently the development reading of James Comtois’ OFF TRACK. John will be directing the upcoming production of KING KIRBY by Crystal Skillman and Fred Van Lente at the Comic Book Theater Festival at The Brick in June.

Cailin’s position will be Associate Artistic Director for Repertory Theatre, with responsibilities for development and production of plays for both outdoor venues and as part of the indoor rep. John will be the Associate Artistic Director for New Writing, with responsibilities for development of The First Flight New Play Festival and working with new writers. Both will be vital in selecting projects for upcoming indoor and outdoor seasons. And both will have a home to develop their own projects under Boomerang’s metaphorical roof. They will join Artistic Director Tim Errickson, Managing Director Sue Abbott and Director of Special Events Danielle Demisay in rounding out the team.

The full Boomerang staff: (l to r) Tim Errickson, Sue Abbott, John Hurley, Cailin Heffernan and Danielle Demisay

Thanks to both of them for coming on board. It’s an exciting moment for Boomerang in our history and continued growth as an organization.

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Candida returns to TheaterLab this weekend

Boomerang’s production of CANDIDA by George Bernard Shaw returns to the stage this weekend for 5 consecutive performances, and we’d love for you to check it out. CANDIDA is a warm, funny story of a married couple who have their ideas of fidelity and intimacy challenged by a young poet. It’s one of GB Shaw’s most popular plays because of it’s great characters and modern sensibility. The cast is terrific, and I would really love for you to see this wonderful production.

Performances this weekend are Friday and Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 3pm and then Tuesday and Wednesday at 8pm.
You can find more information here and tickets here. Enjoy!

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TO FOOL THE EYE opens tonight!

The third play in our 15th Anniversary Rep Season opens tonight. Having seen some of the dress rehearsals the last few days, I can tell you that you definitely need to catch this one. It is colorful, musical, and witty, played by a terrific cast. We want to see you there!

To Fool the Eye_Final
Artwork by Stefano Imbert

The New York Premiere of
Adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher from Jean Anouilh’s Leocadia
Directed by Cailin Heffernan+

Amanda, a poor hat maker from Paris, is invited to a chateau by an eccentric duchess to spend a weekend trying to make her suicidal nephew, Albert, forget about the death of his great love, the divine Leocadia. Amanda, it turns out, is a dead ringer for the dead woman, and if she can convince Albert that she is his lost love for just three days, then Albert just might not kill himself. A charming and wickedly funny valentine to love lost and found again.

Featuring Timothy Babcock*, David Arthur Bachrach*, Joe Beaudin, Steven Cuevas*, Sidney Fortner*, Vince Gatton*, Jennifer Larkin*, Mel Nieves*, Anna Nugent*, Jared Reinmuth* and Sara Thigpen*
Stage Managed by Danny Morales and Tidtaya Sinutoke

rsz_fool_2 Fool 1 
(Photos by Isaiah Tanenbaum)

Upcoming performances:
Friday Sept 20th at 8pm
Saturday Sept 21st at 8pm
Sunday Sept 22nd at 3pm
Wednesday Sept 25th at 8pm

September 20th-Oct 13th, 2013 in rotating repertory
Tickets are $20/$25 and can be purchased here

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Boomerang’s 15th Anniversary Collection

Indie Theater Now

The good folks at Indie Theatre Now are helping us celebrate our 15th Anniversary Season by publishing a collection of plays which premiered with Boomerang. Each of these plays was a part of our Rep Seasons, and many were workshopped thru the FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival. We are extremely excited to have these plays available on Indie Theater Now. If you saw them onstage, you now have a chance to buy them and relive those thrilling experiences. And if you missed them the first time, here’s a chance to read these exciting works you’ve heard so much about. (One of them you can see performed right now!) Either way, these plays and the productions of them on Boomerang’s stages shaped the company we are today, and we are forever grateful.

The Plays are:

Aubergine Days by Roy C. Berkowitz (produced in September 2001 at the Flatiron Playhouse on 23rd Street, directed by Rachel Wood)
The Monster Tales by Mary Jett Parsley (produced in September 2002 at The Actors Theatre on 31st and 8th Avenue, directed by Amy Henault)
Giant-n-Variation by Francis Kuzler (produced at CenterStageNY in September 2005, directed by Eric Amburg)
Love in the Insecurity Zone by Mike Folie (produced at CenterStageNY in September 2006, directed by Rachel Wood)
Lickspittles, Buttonholers and Damned Pernicious Go-Betweens by Johnna Adams (our current hit, running at TheaterLab thru October 6th, directed by John Hurley)

You can find all of these plays available on Indie Theater Now.

Later this week, I’m contributing an introduction to this collection, talking about why we chose to produce them, memories of working on them, and how they fit in the context of our company.


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TO FOOL THE EYE’s Jennifer Larkin

I’ve asked various people who are working on the Rep season to contribute a blog post or two. We love introducing them to you, so that they feel like old friends a few weeks from now when you see them onstage. Here’s a post from Jennifer Larkin, one of the stars of To Fool The Eye opening September 20th.


1)      What’s your previous experience been with Boomerang? Productions, readings, workshops?

I am pleased to say that I have a longstanding history with Boomerang, my first show being in 2003 when I did Substance of John AP Book V: Jack Kerouac by (my then future husband) Frank Kuzler, after working on the play the previous spring as part of Boomerang’s First Flight series. In the following few years, I went on to do O’Neill’s Beyond the Horizon and Anna Christie, as well as Giant-n-Variation, again by Frank. I have also happily participated in a number of the First Flights, and have always been a strong supporter of the company.

2)      How is the rehearsal process going for your show?

I have to say that working on To Fool the Eye has been a real pleasure. Cailin Heffernan is a wonderfully funny, honest and inspiring director, and I can say that after having worked with her previously on not only most of the Boomerang shows I mention above but also on many non-Boomerang projects, it is always an amazing ride with her. To do something like this that balances a wild, larger-than-life style and comedy with a story with some real heart, is the best kind of challenge.

3)      What are you most looking forward to about your show?

I can’t wait to see how it’s all going to fall into place. Being a non-singer, I love that I can say we have some terrific “numbers” up our sleeve in this show – it really is going to be such fun. And, I look forward to playing with this amazing cast each time. 

A little about Jen…
“In June 2009, I proudly helped launch the not-for-profit organization DecadesOut. Its mission is to raise public awareness of the cultural impact between science and humanity. It produces works of fiction and non-fiction in theatre, film, and the visual arts. In New York, I have also produced theatre in the New York International Fringe Festival and am actively involved in the development of a number of film projects at DedPro Inc.

I proudly hold a BA in English and a BFA in Acting from the University of Connecticut, and have also studied at the Circle in the Square Theatre School. I am also pleased to report an affinity for pilates, baking, and chasing after my very own Superhero-in-training, my 3-year-old son Frankie .”

To Fool The Eye runs September 20th-Oct 13th at TheaterLab. Tickets are available here.

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And now, a few words from Cailin Heffernan

I’ve asked various people who are working on the Rep season to contribute a blog post or two. We love introducing them to you, so that they feel like old friends a few weeks from now when you see them onstage. Here’s a post from our very own Cailin Heffernan, director of To Fool The Eye opening September 20th.


Cailin Heffernan (third from left) with her cast and director for Rock-n-Roles in March 2013
Cailin Heffernan (third from left) with her cast and director for Rock-n-Roles in March 2013

1)      What’s your previous experience been with Boomerang? Productions, readings, workshops?

I’ve been working happily and creatively collaborating with Boomerang for going on twelve years.  My first project was to direct the reading of Peter Shelburne’s Milk in February of 2002.  My first full production was the following season, Francis Kuzler’s The Substance of John AP Book:  Jack Kerouac in Fall of 2003.  Since then, I’ve directed seven more full productions in rotating rep:  Eugene O’Neill’s Beyond The Horizon; my own adaptation of John Dryden’s All For Love; O’Neill’s Anna Christie; Larry Kirwan’s The Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own; Tennessee Williams Summer and Smoke; Christopher Fry’s Venus Observed; and Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing.  Currently in production with my ninth full production – Jeffrey Hatcher’s To Fool The Eye (an adaptation of Jean Anouilh’s “Leocadia”).  Directed the First Flight readings of:  Terence Patrick Hughes’ Goodnight Sunshine; my own play with music Rebel Hearts; my own play Blooddrinker; JD Eames’ Do Geese See God; Colin McKenna’s Parking Lot, Lonely Hearts, Mike Folie’s Panama and the Aronson/Heffernan musical Loveless Texas in both a reading and a developmental workshop.  Directed two galas:  First Kisses by Jay Hanagan at the Lucille Lortel and Mary Jett Parsley’s Monster Tales at TACT.  Participated in my first “Rock N Roles” this 2013 season, where I wrote the playlet, “Saturday”.  I was both terrified and elated.  (Editor’s note: Wow, that’s a lot)

 2)      How is the rehearsal process going for your show?

Not to invite a kinne hora, but so far… so good.  I’ve having a great time at any rate.  I have a highly collaborative, open, intrepid and positive cast which lends a special pleasure to rehearsals.  I look forward to going daily to create with both old friends and new playmates.  Also, after spending so much time with Brit and Irish works in recent years, it’s fun to get back to France.

3)      What are you most looking forward to about your show?

Can’t wait to see how the romance balances with the satirical comedy and the ’30’s music.  Taking this challenging play…  an alternately word driven, then physicality driven work…  and present it to an intimate audience, well it’ll be a rather exciting rollercoaster.

To Fool The Eye runs September 20th-Oct 13th at TheaterLab. Tickets are available here.