DirectorSpeak with Boomerang Artistic Director Tim Errickson

Going back thru some old links and press in this “end of summer clean up” phase, and I came across this link to an extensive interview I did with Cat Parker about directing and life in Off-Off Broadway. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments section!


Here’s a little sample:

CP: When you’re directing, do you start with text or movement?

TE: Text. We’ll sit at a table. I’d like to do table work. I think that in New York City unfortunately, directors don’t always allow for a ton of table work, because time is money. But we probably spend three days, four days at table and then start staging stuff. I feel like until you get people up on their feet, until they have the words tied together with spatial relationships, they don’t get a full sense of relationship. So if I’m saying that ‘I love you’ but I’m twenty feet away from you, that’s different from saying it two feet away from you, and those kinds of things start to color the staging. I want to get them in physical proximity to each other as quickly as possible so we can start moving things around.

CP: Talk to me a little bit about working with designers. Do you enjoy the  production side of things?

TE: I do. I like designers who come in with a point of view, especially because I don’t do a ton of research when it comes to things. I’m interested in what their response to something is. And I like the collaborative process of having a discussion about what the actor will be doing and what the visuals of the things should look like. I get the smartest people around me and get the fuck out of the way. I make that my rule – I don’t want to be the smartest person in the room.

CP: At what point in the process do you bring designers in?

TE: I like to have the team set pretty early, about a month before we go into rehearsal, so we can talk about what the responses are. Give people the chance to live with it a little bit. Because I think that relationship starts the moment that conversation starts. So if you were designing costumes for me, I would want us to have plenty of time to sit down and say, “Here’s what I think the play is about.”  And you say, “Great! I want that, too” or “I don’t see that.” And then we’re gonna go away with it for a little while, and that will ruminate for a little bit and you go, “Oh, you know what? I’ve been thinking about it, I’ve read it again, you’re right, but I would do this instead.” So the more chances you get to breathe, the more chance you have of getting something that’s as complex and as interesting as you want it to be.

You can read the whole thing here at https://catlander.wordpress.com/2013/08/09/director-tim-errickson/

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Rising Sun Performance Company’s THE FIREBIRD


Boomerang’s Artistic Director Tim Errickson is also a published playwright. His most recent new play The Firebird is currently running at The Paradise Factory as part of The Planet Connections Festivity, produced by Rising Sun Performance Company. Tim recently sat down with Pulitzer Prize winning Arts Journalist and amateur Ornithologist Arn Coppinger to talk about the play, birds, Brooklyn and more birds.

Arn Coppinger: Can you tell me a little bit about your new play THE FIREBIRD.

Tim Errickson: Sure, it’s a play about people living in Brooklyn as the world and their neighborhoods constantly change around them. It’s a play about the economy, about race and class, about mothers and sons, fathers and sons, history, responsibility and love.

AC: Can you tell our readers what happens in the play? For inquiring minds…

TE: Well, in the play, a character named Dan has left the Brooklyn neighborhood where he grew up and is now working across the river in Manhattan. He gets a call from Irene, his mother’s best friend, to come back to Brooklyn and visit after a long absence. Irene’s family is struggling, and weird things are happening. So Irene wants Dan to make her husband Joe an offer to buy a car, so that Irene and Joe might have extra money and settle some of the odd things.  While out there, Dan runs into his childhood friend Ricky, Irene and Joe’s son. Dan and Ricky were close as brothers, raised on the same block. Ricky’s still trying to find his way in the world, but he knows for some reason that the neighborhood is the answer, rather than look somewhere else. Dan also runs into Marci, his high school girlfriend who’s now dating Ricky. Lots of tension, jealousy, what ifs, colliding with ideas of family, The American Dream, gentrification, labor… all kinds of things.

AC: And now tell us about the birds.

TE: Well, there aren’t any birds in the show

AC: Ah yes, but the title is The FireBIRD. So surely there must be some aviary connection.

TE: Well the Firebird in the title is the make of a car, a Trans Am that both of the main characters loved as kids. It’s also this symbol of can you fix something up and make it like it was, or do you let that go and move on.

AC: I see.

TE: The show is also supporting The Wounded Warrior Project, a charity very near to my heart. The show has two more performances–Wednesday July 8th at 8:15pm and Saturday July 11th at 2pm. I’m sure your readers will want to get tickets at http://planetconnections.org/2015-full-productions/firebird/

AC: And will there be birds on hand at the theater when my people attend the performance?

TE: Um, no. Like maybe a pigeon outside somewhere, but not like, inside with the people.

AC: Oh well. I guess I will see it anyway, despite all of your misleading promotional material.

TE: Can I just say, Arn, that whether you enjoy birds love or not, you will love The Firebird.

Tickets are $18 and are available at http://planetconnections.org/2015-full-productions/firebird/

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A few random questions for…Cailín Heffernan

Cailín Heffernan is one of the bravest directors working in New York City today. She currently serves as Boomerang’s Associate Artistic Director for Repertory, and is directing our current production of CYMBELINE (running thru July 19th). She’s previously directed numerous productions and readings for Boomerang, including last summer’s LOVE’S LABOUR’S LOST and 2013’s TO FOOL THE EYE. She answered a few random questions for us while gearing up for the final four performances of CYMBELINE…

Cailin Heffernan (third from left) with actors from Boomerang's 2013 ROCK-N-ROLES event
Cailin Heffernan (third from left) with actors from Boomerang’s 2013 ROCK-N-ROLES event


Full Name:   Cailín Heffernan

Home town:  Galveston Island, Texas

How many Boomerang shows have you done? 10 full productions

Tell us a little about directing and your approach to a classic play:   It varies from project to project, but essentially after a comprehensive explication of the text, I endeavor to distill the play into its essence.  Once I have a handle on that, I am consumed with creating that essence into a world of its own; in time, in place, in style, and through music, dialect and movement.

What is your favorite thing about working on Cymbeline?   This cast has been an utter delight.  They are fearless, collaborative and enthusiastic.  Without their complete support and faith, none of the elements of this production (from the rock n roll to the Kabuki elements to the hand to hand combat to the dialectical circus) would have succeeded – and they have surpassed my wildest dream.

What’s your favorite place in New York City?   Lincoln Center.

In keeping with the spirit of economy, can you give us your 6 word memoir:

Ballet, Married, Theatre, Travel – Living Large.

To make a tax-deductible donation to support our work with Cailín and our 2015 season, click here

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Help support the Independent Spirit!

Keep independent theater thriving brand new
This coming weekend we will honor the independent spirit that gave birth to a nation.

Boomerang Theatre Company is asking you to celebrate that same spirit by supporting independent theatre. As a cultural organization, we engage audiences with ideas of who we are today, and what we hope and dream for tomorrow.

Like all not-for-profit theatres, Boomerang cannot survive on ticket sales alone. We depend on the generosity of our community to support and empower our work.

With your help and inspiration, we will continue to support artists who reflect our changing nation and our vibrant moment in history.

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If you’d prefer to send a check, please make it payable to Boomerang Theatre Company and send it to P.O. Box 237166 Ansonia Station, New York NY 10023

Thank you!
Tim, Sue, John, Cailin and Danielle

Photos: (clockwise from top left) Brian Robert Burns in Cymbeline, photo by Tim Errickson; Susan Atwood and Django Palty in Candida, photo by Justin Hoch; Kelley Rae O’Donnell in Lickspittles, Buttonholers, and Damned Pernicious Go-Betweens, photo by Kate Hess; Jessica Angleskhan and Vinnie Penna in Native Speech, photo by Christopher Thomasson; Jason Loughlin and Natalie Roy in Love’s Labour’s Lost, photo by Isaiah Tanenbaum; and Aidan Redmond and Synge Maher in The Real Thing, photo by Tim Errickson.

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Snapshots from CYMBELINE Dress Rehearsal

Hey all-

here’s a few quick snaps of last night’s dress rehearsal for CYMBELINE. The show is Free! No tickets or waiting in line! We open this coming Saturday June 20th at 2pm in Central Park! Hope you can make it!

Cymbeline 1 Cymbeline 2 Cymbeline 3 Cymbeline 4C1 C6 c13 c14 c16

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Announcing Boomerang’s next project: HAMLET

We’re very proud to announce Boomerang’s next production will be our annual outdoor Shakespeare production in Central Park. This year, we will present an all new, reinvented production of the world’s most famous play: HAMLET.

HAMLET will be directed by Artistic Director Tim Errickson, with costume design by Carolyn Pallister, props design by Sara Slagle,  and lighting design by Kia Rogers. Marielle Duke is the Assistant Director, and the Production Stage Manager is Michelle Foster. Stefano Imbert will once again contribute his exceptional artwork for the production.

The blurb:
A young prince finds himself in the middle of duel. His family and friends look on, laughing carelessly. Somewhere nearby, the girl he loves lies buried in a fresh grave. These will be the prince’s last breaths, his last thoughts. The rest is silence.

Two Boomerang alums are the first to join the cast…Zack Calhoon (seen in Boomerang’s KING LEAR, GIANT-N-VARIATION and THE REAL THING) will play Prince Hamlet, and Mark Souza (Boomerang’s MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING)  will star as Laertes. Additional casting to be announced.

Zack  has done a number of shows with us including Billy in The Real Thing, Edmund in King Lear, Variation in the World Premier of Giant-N-Variation, Dex in Irvine Welsh’s (author of Trainspotting) play, You’ll Have Had Your Hole;  and Prince Hal in Henry IV Part 1 . As a playwright, he’s been seen everywhere: Orlando Shakespeare Theater, Boomerang Theatre Co., East 3rd Productions, Flux Theatre Ensemble, Oberon Theatre Ensemble, New Mummer Group, On the Square Productions, and Dreamscape Theatre. His new play RINO will appear in the 2012 Brick Theater’s Democracy Festival this summer, produced by Resonance Ensemble. AND he’s an Eagle Scout. More on Zack can be found at http://zackcalhoon.blogspot.com/

Mark has been a longtime member of the Boomerang extended family, and his work has been seen on stages across New York City. Some of his credits include productions of Polish Joke (Jasiu), Hack! (Bryan), All In the Timing (Various), Measure for Measure (Lucio), Talk to me like the Rain… (Man), Recent Tragic Events (Andrew), The Wedding Play (Mitch),  and Swim Shorts (Steve).  More information on Mark can be found at www.markmsouza.com

HAMLET performs Friday evenings at 7pm, Saturday and Sunday at 2pm from June 23rd thru July 15th in Central Park. The Parks Department is refurbishing Boomerang Rock this summer, so we’ll let you know exactly where we’ll be very soon.

Time to get excited!

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Thank you

Hello folks…been a while since you’ve seen a new post on here, mostly because we have been finishing up and recovering from our tremendously successful Rep Season at The Secret Theater in March. We have lots of new projects to talk about, but before we get too far removed, I want to say a very loud THANK YOU to a few people…

– Thank you to all of our talented actors who worked so hard to bring our three plays to vibrant life each night: Spencer Aste, Susan Atwood, Elizabeth Audley, Zack Calhoon, Eddie Carnevale, Jimmy Davis, Jon Dykstra, John Egan, Alex Engquist, Doug Giorgis, Kate Kenney, James Leighton, Jason Liebman, Synge Maher, Sevrin Mason, Mike Mraz, David Nelson, Amelia Pedlow, Ralph Petrarca, Maria Peyramaure, Aidan Redmond, Erik Sherr, Valerie Stanford, Jelena Stupljanin, Sara Thigpen, David Townsend, Sanford Wilson, and Scott Witebsky

-Thank you to three very talented directors: Cailin Heffernan, Daniel Talbott and Jeff Woodbridge

Thank you to Melissa Gawlowski, an exciting playwright and a terrific collaborator, for trusting us with SPRING TIDES

-Thank you to our outstanding design team: Kia Rogers, Nikki Black, Jay Spriggs, Joe Mathers, Sara Slagle, Evan Hill, Sam Gordon, Laura Duell and Cheryl McCarron

-No way you can produce without quality stage management…Thank you to our terrific team of Michelle Foster, Alicia Thompson, Bertie Michaels, Denise Cardarelli, Lauren Melrose and Ana Centeno

-Thank you to our partners in crime in the BFG: Gideon Productions and Flux Theatre Ensemble, for their support of these shows and all our work

-Shout outs to people who don’t get enough thank yous: Emily Owens, Stefano Imbert, Melissa Gawlowski, Philip Emeott, Joe Mathers, Marielle Duke, Christopher Thomasson, Isaiah Tannenbaum, Kate Kenney, Sara Thigpen and Sue Abbott.

-Thank you to our audiences, who braved the wilds of Long Island City to see our plays and tell us how much they liked them.

-Thank you to the staff of The Secret Theater, who made us feel at home and supported us in ways both large and small. They’re a terrific team.

-Thank you to the staff of The Colony Diner, American Hero, The Shannon Pot, and Brooks 1890. We came in often and you made us feel like part of the family. Thank you!

As we move on from these exceptional productions, we cast an eye toward the future and projects on the horizon…see next post : )

(Much Ado and Spring Tides photos by Isaiah Tannenbaum)

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Random questions for…Kia Rogers!

Kia Rogers is the Lighting Designer for Boomerang’s upcoming Rep Season. Previously, Kia previously worked with Boomerang on Venus Observed, Endless Summer Nights, and Uncle Vanya in 2010. We asked her a few random questions recently…here’s a few random answers.

the lovely (and well-lit) Kia Rogers

1)      Full Name:   Kia Rogers, that’s it, no middle name!

2)     Home Town:   Wilmington, NC

3)      How did you become a lighting designer? And what do you love about it?    I was stage managing community theatre and a director asked me to help with lights and I fell in love with it! Creating that perfect look, that tells the story yet seems unobtrusive…heightening the emotional energy with direction, saturation and timing of light.

4)    What excites you about the upcoming Rep season?    I’m excited about the energy that Much Ado has, Daniel’s direction is pure joy. I especially enjoy bringing new work to life, so Spring Tides will be a lot of fun and The Real Thing by Tom Stoppard…well, who doesn’t love watching people’s emotions dissected on the boards…Cailin does an excellent job of savoring every sexual nuance of this play, not heavy-handed just “real”!

5)      What’s your favorite place in New York City?   I love all the architecture, old and new. There isn’t one place that I could pick, I love it all!

6)      In honor of Smith and NPR, can you give us a 6 word memoir?    Blinking lights, walking, peace and meow!

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Support New Plays at FLIGHTS OF FANCY November 19th

Please join The Boomerang Theatre Company
and Event Chairs Shay Gonen and Linda S. Nelson

Flights of Fancy
a very special evening to support the FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival.

Flights of Fancy
will celebrate the work of the outstanding playwrights in this year’s FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival:

Jeffrey James Keyes
Michael DeVito
Crystal Skillman
Susan Ferrara
Kelly McAllister
Adam Kraar
Gregory Romero

The evening will have live music from singer/songwriter Chris Bergson, scenes from Jamie Pachino’s WAVING GOODBYE (upcoming for Boomerang in October 2012), celebrity guests, and more.

Open bar will include wine, beer from Brooklyn Brewery and a specialty Flights of Fancy cocktail.

Flights of Fancy
is sure to be one of the highlights of the FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival.
All proceeds from Flights of Fancy go toward supporting the FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival and Boomerang’s new play development programs.

Saturday November 19th, beginning at 7pm
TACT Studios, 900 Broadway, Suite 901, NYC

Tickets are $40 in advance, and $50 at the door.
Tickets can be purchased at http://flightsoffancy.eventbrite.com/
Your ticket includes entertainment, open bar, and appetizers.

Space is limited, don’t miss this special event!

Can’t make the event, but would still like to support new plays? Please make a generous donation here. Thank you!

BONUS: You can listen to the LIFE OFFSTAGE podcast about First Flight here.



Life Offstage – Episode 6.2!

Hey everyone,
Life Offstage is back with part 2 of the Great Midwestern Adventure episode. More highlights from our trip to middle America, more details about the City of Kings and more talk about girls than you can shake a stick at. As an added treat, we are finally on itunes. Come check us out here. You can click “subscribe” and never have to worry about us again. We will just magically show up in your itunes library overnight with every new episode as soon as it drops. If you are feeling overly generous, you can even give us a rating or a review while you are there.
As always, we would love to hear from you about how we are doing and what would make the show more interesting. Drop us a line at lifeoffstage@gmail.com or tweet us at @lifeoffstage.