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The Boomerang Community: Jack Halpin

As part of our campaign to support new play development in 2017, we’ve asked members of Boomerang’s artistic family to write about our company and what makes us unique for them. We hope that you will recognize our distinctive contribution to New York City theatre with a financial gift this holiday season. We’re challenging donors to commit to a recurring donation of $10 or $25 per month for the entirety of 2017.

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But don’t take our word for it…


Sometime soon after moving to New York City I was fortunate to be introduced Tim Errickson. My first jobs NYC theatre jobs were mostly on the road and when I was able to focus more on life and work here, I became involved with the Fringe/Off Off Broadway/Independent Theatre scene, inevitably meeting Tim. Before actually collaborating with Boomerang Theatre Company I was welcomed as a guest, colleague and a friend by people I met there; I found a place that valued sharing and respect – a place where I felt respected for who I was and what I was able to bring to the room – a place that was doing some really cool work and had a vision.

When cast, I was given a wonderful variety of roles in plays and readings that spanned genres and styles. A 5 park tour of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya reset in late 1980’s Bainbridge Island, Washington State. Backstage at a haunted drag club in Taylor Mac’s thoughtful short play written and performed in 24 hours. These plays and more challenged me in my craft and helped me find my place in the city’s theatre world. Moreover, I’ve seen some tremendous performances there and been able to work with some of my favorite artists. They’ve been part of my ongoing education as a theatre artist.

The folks at Boomerang became a tremendous resource to me when I took a leadership role at Art House Productions in Jersey City. They offered advice and support readily. Numerous performers have worked with both our companies. Boomerang became like a slightly older cousin to Art House, in my view; and while I couldn’t spend as much time, I always feel welcomed back.

Having spent much of my artistic work behind the scenes as well as in the spotlight, I observe how arts organizations affect not only the participants but also the greater community. From the popular free Shakespeare in the parks to accessible, affordable productions of plays from the classics the brand new, Boomerang Theatre Company has been consistently contributing to the cultural landscape of New York and the area for 18 years now.

That’s an achievement.

I’m happy they are taking a renewed initiative in the the development of original works for the stage.

Please consider helping support their vision.

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2017 Season, Boomerang Support, donations, fundraising, How you can help

One Time Donations vs. Recurring Donations vs. writing a check…

Hello everyone! Happy Holidays!

We’re off to a great start to our Holiday Campaign for New Plays, and I wanted to touch on something that many people have asked…

“Can I still donate if I don’t want to give every month?”

The answer is absolutely yes. We’ve added the button on our Holiday Donation Campaign page so you can give in either fashion…one time, or recurring.

Three important things to note about these different concepts of giving:

  1. Do we want you to be a recurring donor? Absolutely. We think it helps the donor by giving smaller amounts over time ($10 per month rather than $100 in one lump) and in full disclosure, it helps us by allowing donors (in theory) to make a larger donation.We aint foolin’ ya, we’d love the larger amount of moolah. (that rhymes almost.)
  2. What if you’d rather donate by check? We love that! You can make the check out to Boomerang Theatre Company, P.O. Box 237166 Ansonia Station, NYC 10023. Toss a stamp on it and hand it to your local U.S. Postal champion!
  3. But more importantly, we want you to be part of the team. If recurring donation is not for you, that’s fine. We’re happy to have your support in whatever way works for you. We’re in this love together, and it’s the kind that lasts forever.

We are incredibly proud of the work we do with artists and with audiences, and we profoundly love the people who contribute to this important, daring work.

The bottom line is, we have a heck of a 2017 coming up (THE RECKLESS SEASON in April kicks it off!) and we embrace all the ways you want to be part of this adventure!


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Boomerang’s Holiday Campaign for New Plays…why recurring donations?


Boomerang’s annual holiday appeal kicked off November 29th with an different appeal than usual: a recurring donation.

Instead of asking for a donation of $50 or $100 at the end of the year, we’re asking for donors to make smaller donations ($10 or $25 are suggested) on a monthly basis, as a means of helping our organization grow throughout the year rather than in one moment. How does it help?

Well, it allows us to have a steady income each month, helping us manage expenses when there are lean months when we do not have box office income, grant income or special events. Imagine a steady allowance each month, versus getting a lump sum.

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Additionally, it hopefully allows the donor to support more work than a larger sum in one donation. Imagine your smaller monthly donations funding projects throughout the year like THE RECKLESS SEASON in April, free Shakespeare in July and LOVELESS TEXAS in October.

So with this thinking, we’ve set a goal of 100 donors pledging $10 per month for 12 months, and 50 donors pledging $25 per month.

This method of giving is revolutionizing fundraising in all sectors of the non-profit and philanthropic communities. For us, it is the most important fundraising campaign we’ve ever undertaken. It is a campaign to raise the most money, to provide opportunities to the most artists, and to produce the most challenging projects we’ve ever developed.

But more importantly, it’s a campaign to support new plays. The writing that will make an impact on our society and be included in the national repertory for years, decades to come.

We need your help to hit all the goals we have, and to deliver on our promises to our audiences and our artists.

You can make a fully tax-deductible donation to the campaign here.

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