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2017 First Flight

Boomerang is happy to announce the list of Finalists for the 2017 FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival. We are so excited to continue exploring these terrific new plays.


The Day We Were Born by Jaisey Bates
Hello, World! by Stephen Bracco
The Bigsley Project by Catherine Castellani
Nichiiwad by Hal Corley
TV Boyfriend by Matthew A. Everett
Tape Don’t Lie by Kirby Fields
Sycorax, Cyber Queen of Qamara by Fengar Gael
Wake by Vince Gatton
The Alternate Possiblilities of Our Past and Future History with Particular Regard to the Identification of the Eastern Puma and The Corps of Discovery by Amy Gijsbers van Wijk
Hotline by Jack Gilhooley
Elevator Girl by Donna Hoke
Fake Plastic Love by Terence Hughes
The Dying Fall of Gary Fletzner by Adam Kraar
Sinner-Man by Liz Maestri
Knifeplay by Shelley McPherson
The Girl Who Lived by David Meyers
“i am a drop’dead gorgeous, fabulous, stylish, exotic’ass gem amongst thousands of rocks” by elliot rodger by Matthew Paul Olmos
Persephone, or things that come out of the ground by Kristen Palmer
Lush by Nicole Pandolfo
Hungry by Lia Romeo
Door to Balloon by Greg Romero
Siamese Cycle by Tidtaya Sinutoke
Midwives by Suzanne Trauth
Karate Hottie by Catherine Weingarten

Stats Update: 374 general submissions,  broken down into 248 (66%) by Male Playwrights and 126 (34%) by Female Playwrights (note: This is not self identified, but rather an overview general observation of names.) From which, we selected 24 Finalist Round plays, with a breakdown of 11 (46%) by Male Playwrights and 13 (54%) by Female Playwrights.

We will announce the Participants in the 2017 Festival shortly, along with a full festival schedule.

If you would like to make a donation to support The First Flight New Play Festival and the presentation of new plays, click here.



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Finalists for the 2014 FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival

Hello everyone…we’ve spent the month of September (and a little bit of October) recovering from a fun but exhausting Summer 2014. Next up for us this season will be The 2014 FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival (November 19th-23rd). We’re very proud to announce the finalists for this year’s festival (in no particular order):

-COME AGAIN by Rich Orloff
-AMERICAN YU by Terence Patrick Hughes
-WORLD BUILDERS by Johnna Adams
-MOMMY BABY by Shelley McPherson
-TAP by Caleb Scott
-CARLY’S TIME by Susan Champagne
-THE XXX GENIUS by Jack Gilhooley
-SPINNING JENNY by Kevin Ferguson
-BLOOD AFFECTION by Vincent Sessa
-COMPELLED by Richard Hellesen
-FRANCIOSE by Suzanne M Trauth
-TO SLEEP by Matt Fox
-LAWNMOWER by David Jacobi
-SEAMLESS by Dorinne Kondo
-THE RECKLESS SEASON by Lauren Ferebee

Thank you to all the talented writers who submitted work to us this year. From the list above, 3-6 plays will be selected as participnats in the festival. We’ll be announcing the full lineup of participants and the festival schedule in late October.

Would you like to make a donation to support these projects? We value your financial support now more than ever.
Thank you in advance!