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Thank you to Rich Orloff

Those who’ve attended this year’s Birthday Bash on Saturday night were treated to a short play called FOURRich EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE WOMEN IN FOUR EXTREMELY EXOTIC LOCATIONS HAVING FOUR EXTREMELY EROTIC FANTASIES ABOUT (your name here) by Rich Orloff. As expected, it was hilarious, and the generous donor who claimed the role of “star” might have had the best time of anyone.

Rich has donated two of his “your name here” plays to Boomerang events, and he probably doesn’t get enough credit for his generosity. Rich’s comedies are produced all over the country and around the world, and he’s been a guest lecturer on comedy writing and the art of writing one-act plays. You can find out more info about his plays and about the man himself here. If one of his plays is running in town, you should go see it.

So here’s a huge shout out to playwright Rich Orloff, a terrific writer and all around good guy.

PS: One of Rich’s new plays, GUY STUFF, is having a public reading on Friday night November 22nd at 7pm as part of Boomerang’s FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival. We’d love to have you there! Tickets are free (donation suggested) and all the info can be found here.

2013 Season, Boom Artists, Boomerang 15, First Flight, Indie Theatre Community

The 2013 FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival is here


The 2013 FIRST FLIGHT  New Play Festival lineup is here. We are incredibly excited to have this lineup of readings to share with you. As you know, the festival goal is to support writers and new work as it develops both in rehearsal and in front of an audience. Please come out to ART/NY and give these new works a listen, so you can say you knew about it first!

Wednesday November 20th at 7pm
OFF TRACK by James Comtois
Directed by John Hurley
So what do you do when your last one-night stand has been found murdered? You venture out to a terrifying part of town amidst a transit strike to find the killer. Or wind up getting stranded and beaten to death in the process, whichever comes first.

Thursday November 21st at 7pmGoodnight Sunshine 2
VICIOUS by Zack Calhoon
Directed by Cat Parker
Read through the vantage point of their personal journals, Vicious, maps the the bloom and decay of the tumultuous and star-crossed relationship of Patrick and Emma. Maybe there is a reason why Romeo & Juliet die at the end of the play.

Friday November 22nd at 7pm
GUY STUFF by Rich Orloff
Directed by Linda S. Nelson
Can a recent grad from a small liberal arts college share a house with a bunch of beer-guzzling frat types?  A cross between The Odd Couple and Animal HouseGuy Stuff explores the concept of manhood, as practiced by a bunch of guys to whom adulthood is still a new concept. 

Saturday November 23rd at 7pm
Directed by Tim Errickson
Zoey just graduated from medical school at the top of her class. Her mother is selling the family home, her father is fighting a malpractice suit, and her boyfriend wants to get married. Curing cancer may be the easiest thing she does this month.

Sunday November 24th at 7pm
ANOTHER KIND OF LOVE by Crystal Skillman
Directed by Kimberly Faith Hickman
Rock legend Kit Singer abandons her tour, returning to her family home for a concert celebrating the anniversary of her mother’s suicide. On the night before they are to play together once more, Kit reunites with her former band members, her sisters that she hasn’t seen in ten years. But when Max , Kit’s 15 year old wild child niece, unleashes her passionate desire to play with them – and Kit most of all- the family is forced to face the painful truths that created their songs, their lives, and their very selves.

All readings are at ART/NY, 520 Eighth Avenue, 3rd floor (Bruce Mitchell Room). All readings are free, but a $5 donation is suggested.

Please join us to support these exciting new plays!

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Boomerang’s 15th Anniversary Collection

Indie Theater Now

The good folks at Indie Theatre Now are helping us celebrate our 15th Anniversary Season by publishing a collection of plays which premiered with Boomerang. Each of these plays was a part of our Rep Seasons, and many were workshopped thru the FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival. We are extremely excited to have these plays available on Indie Theater Now. If you saw them onstage, you now have a chance to buy them and relive those thrilling experiences. And if you missed them the first time, here’s a chance to read these exciting works you’ve heard so much about. (One of them you can see performed right now!) Either way, these plays and the productions of them on Boomerang’s stages shaped the company we are today, and we are forever grateful.

The Plays are:

Aubergine Days by Roy C. Berkowitz (produced in September 2001 at the Flatiron Playhouse on 23rd Street, directed by Rachel Wood)
The Monster Tales by Mary Jett Parsley (produced in September 2002 at The Actors Theatre on 31st and 8th Avenue, directed by Amy Henault)
Giant-n-Variation by Francis Kuzler (produced at CenterStageNY in September 2005, directed by Eric Amburg)
Love in the Insecurity Zone by Mike Folie (produced at CenterStageNY in September 2006, directed by Rachel Wood)
Lickspittles, Buttonholers and Damned Pernicious Go-Betweens by Johnna Adams (our current hit, running at TheaterLab thru October 6th, directed by John Hurley)

You can find all of these plays available on Indie Theater Now.

Later this week, I’m contributing an introduction to this collection, talking about why we chose to produce them, memories of working on them, and how they fit in the context of our company.


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New Submission Guidelines for FIRST FLIGHT

Hello Folks…Today, we are releasing new submission guidelines for Boomerang Theatre Company and our FIRST FLIGHT festival. We are posting them below. They will also be posted on our “Submit a Play” page later this week. Hopefully this clears up some of the questions people have about sending us their work, and also reduces the amount of paper we receive. Questions, feel free to send them to us. Thanks!

Boomerang Theatre Company welcomes submission of new plays to our FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival.bigstock-Female-hands-typing-on-a-lapto-26972300

FIRST FLIGHT provides rehearsal space, casting assistance and a public presentation to plays in development. We are especially interested in plays that deal with modern issues and questions, use theatricality in their presentation, and have a creative use of language. Submissions are not limited by subject matter, cast size, cast breakdown or setting requirements.

Each year, Boomerang has an open submission window from Aug 1st to Sept 15th in which to receive unsolicited script samples and materials. Please note: We now only accept submissions during this window. Submitting at other times will not be logged and read.

Unfortunately, FIRST FLIGHT is not a showcase in New York City for fully finished plays looking for production. No productions are guaranteed from participation in FF and there is no competition to win the festival.

Please submit 1) your resume, 2) a cover letter, 3) a synopsis of your play, and 4) a 10 page sample of the play. Note: this does not have to be the first 10 pages; merely the 10 pages that best represent the play and your writing.

Boomerang is no longer accepting submissions in hard copy. Please send materials electronically only.

Please submit materials to:
The Boomerang Theatre Company
Questions can be directed to info@boomerangtheatre.org

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Three Questions for Susan Ferrara

Susan Ferrara is the playwright of THE MACHINE, which gets a featured reading in the FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival on November 19th.

1. What was your inspiration for writing The Machine.

I remember sitting in the audience for Caryl Churchill’s “Far Away” and walking out of the theatre feeling completely overwhelmed by the images and language of the piece. That play, and the experience of watching it, has been rattling around in my head ever since and served to inspire, in part, the writing of “The Machine”. What ultimately drove me to sit down with my laptop – well after I saw “Far Away” – was the outcome of the 2008 presidential election. When I couldn’t/wouldn’t even ride the “W” train from our apartment in Astoria into the city because I didn’t want to support that man by riding a freakin’ train that had some portion of his name attached to it. Ridiculous. The frustration, anger and hopelessness I felt then was poured into the script.

2. The play is extremely expressionistic and visual. Why chose that style for this specific play?

The play is a nightmare. Literally. The family and their neighbors have been asleep for decades and can’t wake up. Their nightmare is visual; full of metaphor; expressionistic. I like the style because it makes emotional sense for these people; like a child’s view of a power that they can’t control, can’t understand, can’t stop.

3. When do you like to write? Early morning or late at night? And what do you always have to have with you when you are working?

My husband gives me the business because I have no set pattern for writing. You know when you get that thing in your brain; that idea or whatever that you just have to deal with? That’s writing for me. So I’ll sit down and just keep fidgeting around until I get (what ever it is) out of my system. I don’t necessarily have to have anything with me. Being ticked off is usually enough to put me in front of my computer. That and a good cup of coffee.

The reading of THE MACHINE takes place on Saturday November 19th at 2pm at ART/NY, 520 Eighth Avenue, 3rd floor. For reservations, please email literary@boomerangtheatre.org