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Announcing the finalists for the 2015 First Flight New Play Festival

boom_first_flight%206Hello all…Our annual FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival is right around the corner (beginning November 20th). We received a terrific pool of submissions this year from over the country (and Canada), running the full gamut in style and genre. We’re proud to announce the finalists for this year’s festival below:

Incomplete Works by Dennis Agle
Blanquita by Zack Calhoon
Koalas by J.Joseph Cox
He’s Back by Mark Daponte
The Job by Letha Dawson
We Pray Together by Charles Denk
Discreet Global Assets by Lauren Ferebee
In the Night Cafe by Evan Guilford-Blake
The Marble Muse by Diane Hale
Specimen Days by Alexander Kafka
The Boy Inside by Richard Kalinoski
Truth Dare by Tori Keenan-Zelt
Blood Will Out by Laura King
The Politics of Fabulousness by Judy Klass
Dancing on the Edge by Adam Kraar
The Prisoner by Jim Lucason
The Consequence of Impression by Deborah Magid
Pericles Wet by Ellen Margolis
Contained Fires by Seth McNeill
The Snowmaker by Aleks Merilo
Feeble-Minded White Trash by Susan Middaugh
The Truth Is… by Earl T. Roske
Caesar’s Blood by Rich Rubin
Time to Change by Patricia Saunders
Sanctuary, North by Robert Schneider
Anna’s Mother by Tom Smith
The Blood Lie by Shirley Vernick
Keeping Secrets by Michael Wolfson

Statistics: 39% of the finalists for the 2015 festival are female playwrights and 61% male playwrights. Overall submissions pool (both finalists and those not considered finalists) consisted of 33% female playwrights and 67% male playwrights.

For more details about the festival, check out our website.

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