A picture of Rock-n-Roles is worth a thousand “Thanks”!


Rock n rolesThanks to all who came out to celebrate ROCK-N-ROLES with us on Saturday April 5th. It was a great night of fun and music, with plays inspired by Bob Seger’s “Night Moves”, Hall & Oates “You Make My Dreams Come True”, Bryan Adams’ “Run To You”, Jackson Browne’s “Tender is the Night”, Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” and Paul Simon’s “Loves Me Like a Rock”.

Here are some pictures from the event, courtesy of Crystal Arnette

Leah Dietrich and C.L. Weatherstone in "Night Moves"

Leah Dietrich and C.L. Weatherstone in “Night Moves”

Heather Cunningham and Stacey Raymond in "You Make My Dreams Come True"

Heather Cunningham and Stacey Raymond in “You Make My Dreams Come True”

Sandra Williams and Marshall Simon in "Tender is the Night"

Sandra Williams and Marshall Simon in “Tender is the Night”

Gavin Starr Kendall and CJ Walker in "Harvest Moon"

Gavin Starr Kendall and CJ Walker in “Harvest Moon”

Special Thanks to our loud and loyal audiences; our talented actors, directors and playwrights; our crew of sexy volunteers (Gage, Saluda, Jamie); our wonderful stage manager Marci Skolnick; and Event Chair Michael Champness who, along with Lesley Blackledge, did another terrific job behind the bar.


All the proceeds from the evening will support Boomerang’s new play development programs, including the FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival, internal readings of works in progress, and full productions of new plays in our Rep Seasons. 


Would you like to make a tax-deductible contribution to support ROCK-N-ROLES and New Play Development? Your donation of $25 or more sustains our continued committment to new writing that examines our shared cultural moment. You can make your secure donation here. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Boomerang’s ROCK-N-ROLES is back with a vengeance!

Rock n roles

Join us on Saturday April 5th for a night you won’t ever forget…The triumphant return of ROCK-N-ROLES, an evening of new plays inspired by some of the greatest songs of all time!

Announcing the track list for ROCK-N-ROLES!

-Night Moves by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band
-Run to You by Bryan Adams
-You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates
-Tender is the Night by Jackson Browne
-Lights by Journey
-Harvest Moon by Neil Young
-Loves Me Like A Rock by Paul Simon
-Fall on Me by R.E.M.
-You Can’t Always Get What You Want by the Rolling Stones
-Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

Remember, six of these songs will be used as inspiration for our playwrights to create new 10 minute plays. Which six? You’ll have to join us on Saturday April 5th and see if your favorite was selected!


In ROCK-N-ROLES, playwrights randomly select a song on Friday night, then write a 10 minute play inspired by the song, which is performed onstageSaturday night with an all star cast and live musicians!

We’ve got a crazy good lineup of players for this event including…
Mike Aguirre, Philip Emeott, Susan Ferrara, Larry Kunofsky, Mateo Moreno and Shelley McPherson on lead vocals (or playwrighting, if you prefer)

Danielle DemisayRich Ferraioli, Cailin HeffernanJohn Hurley, Linda S. Nelson and Cat Parker on scorching lead guitars (directing)

and Susan Atwood, Heather Cunningham, Leah DietrichGavin Starr Kendall, Jason Loughlin, Stacey Raymond, Marshall Simon, Brian Silliman, CL WeatherstoneLiz Whittemore, Kayla Wickes, Carsey Walker, Jr. and Sandra Williams providing the driving beat (performing)

All musically accompanied onstage by Bob D’Haene
So mark your calendars for this dynamic mix of theatre and rock-n-roll! Plus drink specials that will light up your night!

Saturday April 5th at TheaterLab
357 W 36th Street, 3rd floor
Tickets are $20, going to benefit Boomerang’s new play development programs.

We’ll see you there!

Turn your theater up LOUD!

Guitar In Fire










Can’t make it to the gig, but still want to support the cause?
Click here to make your secure donation to The Boomerang Theatre Company

If you’d prefer to send a check, please make it payable to Boomerang Theatre Company and send it to P.O. Box 237166 Ansonia Station, New York NY 10023

Rock-n-Roles is Back!

As promised, we’re bringing back our infamous ROCK-N-ROLES for another tour date on Saturday April 5th at TheaterLab!

Rock n roles

Rock-n-Roles is a one night only event in which playwrights craft brand new 10 minute plays inspired by great rock-n-roll songs selected at random. Previous showings have included plays inspired by Springsteen, Journey, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Cure, The Rolling Stones and more. The plays are performed live onstage with crazy good group of actors and live musicians.

The lineup is going to be spectacular…playwrights so far include Mike Aguirre (of Rising Sun’s Ice Age), Philip Emeott (star of Boomerang’s Richard 3), Susan Ferrara (writer of The Machine from First Flight 2011), Larry Kunofsky (Van Gogh Among The Hipsters in First Flight 2013), Shelley McPherson (Exit Zero in First Flight 2013) and Mateo Moreno (Bohemian Valentine in The Planet Connections Fest 2013). That is a crackerjack group of scribes, folks.

The director list is just as impressive, featuring Indie superstars Danielle Demisay, Rich Ferraioli, Cailin Heffernan, John Hurley and Linda Nelson.

Drinks will be flowing, chords will be strummed, hearts will be broken, and rock will be king. You gotta be there!

Save the date! Circle it in BIG Sharpie. You’ve got plans on this night.
Saturday April 5th at 8pm at TheaterLab, 357 W 36th Street, 3rd floor
Featuring new 10 minute plays inspired by great rock-n-roll songs!

Turn your theater up LOUD!

Guitar In Fire

Plans, Plans, Plans! (and still more Plans!)

Hello all! And welcome to 2014!

If you are thinking to yourself “hey, it’s been 2014 for a while now”, well you are right. But we are just now getting around to welcoming you to the new year and talking about what’s coming up from your favorite Indie Theatre friends.

John Greenleaf (kneeling) as Claudius in 2012's HAMLET

John Greenleaf (kneeling) as Claudius in 2012′s HAMLET

Out next production will be A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM outside in Central Park beginning June 21st. We’re super excited to have John Greenleaf directing this production, after years of having him stealing scenes in multiple shows outside. John’s wealth of experience will give us a really fun and youthful Midsummer.The production will play on weekends in Central Park June 21st and 22nd, June 28th and 29th, July 12th and 13th, and July 19th and 20th.

We are also planning the next incarnation of our melodic and magical ROCK-N-ROLES! We’ll have new 10 minute plays each inspired by a great rock song. Part concert, part play, all bad ass. Look for that on April 5th, 2014. More details, including the full talent lineup, to follow soon.

a shot of the huge crowd at the 2013 Rock-n-Roles

a shot of the huge crowd at the 2013 Rock-n-Roles

We have more exciting news to announce in the very near future, including the 2014 FIRST FLIGHT Festival and our next Rep season. We’re also going to introduce you to our 2014 intern team and other new staff folks you’ll want to get to know.

So thank you very much for all your endless support, and welcome to 2014!

New Play readings in the New Year!

It’s almost 2014, and we’re super excited to announce our first events for the New Year.bigstock-Vintage-Keys--146848

On January 12th, Boomerang will present two readings of exciting new plays. More details on casting as we get closer, but mark your calendars!

Sunday January 12th at 3pm
EXIT ZERO by Shelley McPherson, directed by Ric Sechrest
When Chantelle, an African-American “shoobie” (tourist) becomes a summer tenant in the run-down, South Jersey Shore home of Tim, a young tatted-up father, and his conservative grandparents, the status quo is upset and their lives are changed forever.

Sunday January 12th at 7pm
VAN GOGH AMONG THE HIPSTERS by Larry Kunofsky, directed by Tim Errickson
Vincent van Gogh, an unknown 19th century painter, sets out to make it in the big world as a major artist, and winds up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2013. Hoping to set up an arts colony among the bohemians and demimonde there, he encounters… nothing but a bunch of hipsters! Will Vincent be okay in the twenty-first century? Will we treat him any better than they did when/where he came from? Or will we just look him up on Wikipedia, realize he’s kind of a big deal, buy him an absinthe, break his heart, and then just forget all about him? Perhaps in order to understand our past, we have to look in the mirror today.

Both readings are at ART/NY (520 Eighth Avenue, 3rd floor) in the Bruce Mitchell Room
Admission is free, with a $5 suggested donation.
For reservations for either readings, please email tickets@boomerangtheatre.org

There’s a Holiday Party at TheaterLab, and you are invited!

Our friends at TheaterLab (home for Boomerang’s recent Rep season, our Rock-n-Roles event, and numerous rehearsals) is throwing a holiday party tomorrow night, and you (yes, YOU!) are invited to celebrate.


Below is a note from Orietta Crispino …

“A famous American movie has the line, “If you build it, they will come.” Since I grew up in Italy, I know little about baseball or Kevin Costner, yet I believe this sentiment to be true. Twelve months ago I signed a lease on West 36th Street. A new lease on life for Theaterlab. I designed the space to maximize its beauty and efficiency for artmakers. And you have come in droves. Thank you for joining us in this new chapter.

What a whirlwind first year at the reborn Theaterlab. We’ve  hosted some amazing artists and companies—Reno, Forward Flux, Estrogenius Festival, League of Professional Theatre Women, Boomerang Theatre Company, Side Street Productions, and Voices Inside/Out among many. Theaterlab also produced the NOT-Made in Italy series, which showcased the work of mid-career Italian artists living in the diaspora and Celebrate the Artist. Our plan is to continue these awe-inspiring series in 2014.

We are also excited to host a rocking holiday party with Convergences and Kinesis Project on December 19th (RSVP to info@theaterlabnyc.com). Come one. Come all. We cannot wait to announce our upcoming artistic collaboration–Hotel New Work : Revealing Process–with these two fine companies.

As we prepare for our 9th groundbreaking season of producing new work and supporting thought-provoking artists,we are grateful for your support. We hope you will join us by making a tax-deductible donation and/or spreading the word about our lovely new home to your closest allies, colleagues and artists. In other words, we hope you will make Theaterlab your artistic home in 2014.

Wishing you lots of joy, peace, creativity and hope this holiday season. Here’s to a fantastic year ahead.orietta


Orietta Crispino

Give to Theaterlab 2014– Thank you for your support!

Thank you to Rich Orloff

Those who’ve attended this year’s Birthday Bash on Saturday night were treated to a short play called FOURRich EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE WOMEN IN FOUR EXTREMELY EXOTIC LOCATIONS HAVING FOUR EXTREMELY EROTIC FANTASIES ABOUT (your name here) by Rich Orloff. As expected, it was hilarious, and the generous donor who claimed the role of “star” might have had the best time of anyone.

Rich has donated two of his “your name here” plays to Boomerang events, and he probably doesn’t get enough credit for his generosity. Rich’s comedies are produced all over the country and around the world, and he’s been a guest lecturer on comedy writing and the art of writing one-act plays. You can find out more info about his plays and about the man himself here. If one of his plays is running in town, you should go see it.

So here’s a huge shout out to playwright Rich Orloff, a terrific writer and all around good guy.

PS: One of Rich’s new plays, GUY STUFF, is having a public reading on Friday night November 22nd at 7pm as part of Boomerang’s FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival. We’d love to have you there! Tickets are free (donation suggested) and all the info can be found here.


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