Life Offstage – Episode 3

Hey everyone,

Episode 3 of Life Offstage is now available. In this episode, Tim is joined by Sara Thigpen, one of the stars of our upcoming production of Much Ado About Nothing. Give it a listen to hear exciting behind the scenes info about the the production, as well as the typical shenanigans you have come to expect from Life Offstage.

Come check it out here!

Also, we want to say thank you for listening and making Life Offstage a success. We have already had several hundred downloads of our first two episodes and we cannot wait to make more. As always, we would love to hear yoour feedback, suggestions or listener mail questions for us to answer in the podcast. For all of the above, drop us an email at lifeoffstage@gmail.com or send us a shoutout on Twitter at @lifeoffstage.

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