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A few random questions for…Michelle Foster!

Michelle “Lil G” Foster has been the MVP of The Boomerang Theatre Company the last 3 years. She’s risen from Stage Management intern on The Tempest to Production Stage Manager on Endless Summer Nights to Resident Stage Manager and Intern Coordinator. For the Boomerang Rep 2012, she’s at the reins of THE REAL THING, working with Cailin Heffernan and her talented cast. Here’s a few questions for Lil G…

Full Name: Michelle “Lil G” Foster. I also accept Geezy and Vin Giesel. Or really any variation. Creativity is encouraged.

Home town: Arlington, Texas: Home of the Cowboys, the Rangers, and Six Flags.

How did you get into Stage Management? What’s your favorite thing about it? I was required to take a stage management course in college in 2008 (I was a playwriting major), but the class didn’t fit in with my schedule, so I stage managed a show for credit instead. I was terrified and knew nothing about stage management at first, but within three weeks I knew I was set for life. It fulfills my artistic need, but I get to use more of the math side of my brain than other theatre positions. Theatre from my side of the curtain is more of a puzzle than a blank slate. I love being the person to make all the art come together and work together. There’s nothing like the pride (or relief, in some cases) you feel when the curtain comes down on a fantastic team of artists, and you know you all made that happen. Plus, it’s like an extended backstage pass. Every day I get to be witness to brilliant ideas and “Aha!” moments that I wouldn’t get to see otherwise. Oh man. I could go on and on and on.

What is your favorite thing about working on The Real Thing? Tom Stoppard is a genius. He and the cast make me laugh and cry every day. Rehearsing this play is sort of funny, too, because it can get curiously meta. I was just laughing yesterday with Zack Calhoon and Synge Maher about how lots of things that happen by accident in rehearsal – slip-ups or character breaks – are kept in the play because they’re so wonderful and real. The show really is the real thing, in a lot of ways. It’s awesome.

What’s your favorite place in New York City? Well, my house is a hot spot. I’m there like every day. Actually…it’s interesting that I can’t find a good answer for this one. I rarely frequent the same places. There’s a bowling alley that I can’t remember the name of. I like spending time on piers. There’s just too many places to be, so it’s almost not worth it to have a “regular” place. I’m a location slut.

In honor of Smith and NPR, can you give us a 6 word memoir? Working hard, playing hard, while young.

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